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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Ledania, 2022-03-14)

See also: Help:Searching.

About searching features on wikis, and how find stuff on wikis. Not about Help on the game - rather see this note [1].

This page assumes (basically) that the official help has been read. Nevertheless, the official help is less specific than our wikis (from various imports of earlier wikis - including Forge).


Reminder: for the record, we have here

  • 6 wikis (all 5 languages and common) [3] different, both in content and structure. There are two ways to change wikis: either via the flags (top right) added to switch from this page to the corresponding page in the other languages, or via the drop-down menu (important when renaming pages [4]).
  • Roles (admin, bureaucrats, normal user...) and accounts are common to all 6 wikis. For now, wiki user accounts have no relation with your game account[4]. It is with your wiki user account (with email and password) that you connect to the wikis, so you have access to the 6 wikis in modification (but not the few protected pages). - not to be confused with your profile page (in User:AGuy, for your bio, drafts etc).

Each user account is in a group (Bureaucrate, Admin etc) because access is grant using groups.

  • Wikis have two main principles at the heart of their operation: categories and namespaces (or for short ns).
    • Categories are a bit like keywords, which also work as sets.
    • Namespaces allow you to separate a name in different spaces. As an example, a "Macro" page will be different from the user page "Macro", the Guild:Macro, the category "Macro"...
    • User pages [5] are distinct from other spaces - by default, cannot be found using the simple search - the same goes for the guild pages.
    • Each ns has a discussion space, with an ID ns+1. By default, pages are in the main namespace (namespace=0 their Discussion in 1), user pages and subpages in namespace=2 (and 3 for profile Discussion), categories are in namespace=14, guilds under 100, namespace=104 is Event and so on.
    • Categories (English wiki categories on here) are transversal - for example, the Help category (Category:Help) can gather pages in the Help namespace (its name is Help:Search), other categories, templates (Template:NavPerso), discussion pages (Discussion:), or profile pages (e.g. User:Dorothée which are personal pages, for her bio, drafts, OOC notes...). On the other hand, a French wiki category cannot include a common or English wiki category - you can, however, add links from one wiki content to another or include page content via interwiki.

Various tips and links

  • On your favorite search engine, typing for example patch map will return all content (pages, images tagged...) found on with the patch or "map" terms
  • See the following categories: Category:Help and the Help namespace.
  • Most of the pages created by the homins should be somewhere under Roleplay (Player Characters...) or one of the Gameplay subcategories (in-game help for Fight, Craft...). Please use Mysteries (for spoilers).
    • Please do not put these categories in your pages (use the sub-subcategories of Encyclopatys or only Roleplay or Gameplay): Encyclopatys, Wikipatys, Forge and Lore.
    • More on Categorization and Categorization/how to (rewriting in progress in April/March 2020).
  • Pages under your profile are, by default,quite hidden (ex: User:YourName/Draft, User:YourName/OOC) as long as no categories have been added.
  • For images (all on Common wiki, for all our wikis: in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian - default language is English): help about categorization SOS/catImage, or use the right part categories on the common Main page.
  • Wiki edit rech remplace.png
    To search and/or replace text in wiki code (in page edit mode), unfold Advanced, Search and Replace is on the far right.

other OCC tips

Official forum

On top, there's several very handy links:

Important tips about wiki search

  • The search works "by language", because each wiki has its own database (EN, FR, DE, SP and RU + common: look at the beginning of the URL addresses at the following points: but also Bellow you'll find a comparison of the search forms on the 5 wikis.
  • Once you have launched a Search, you will arrive on a page called Search Results - which has the following links:
    • Content page (default): shows at the top "in the page titles" then in the "page text".
    • Multimedia most of the images are on the common [6]. Only the fr:Catégorie:Images FR Migrées and the Category:Images are images hosted in the COMMON, which have been given a local description (more: SOS/catImage).
    • Everything a shortcut to Advanced Search with all ns checked
    • Advanced (see image below): add a form to select namespaces (ns)
EN search on wiki 2020-04-05.png
simple search is very partial, because it don't use all name spaces

Advanced search's forms on the wikis

More on the namespaces :

Portals and categories

Portals show you some selected pages (see down page the main portals).

Categories are at the heart of how wikis work, they should be seen as tags.
Categories are displayed at the bottom of pages.

You can add several categories to one of your pages, so that it can be easily found.

More on french wiki fr:Chercher et trouver.


Game update (resume) on this wiki, using Category:Updates

On the official forum:

Searching with Google

🇬🇧 Wiki search is quite weak... 🇫🇷 La recherche du wiki laisse à désirer... 🇫🇷 Advanced search tips, with Goo (for Google)

  • in the simple search, site: allows you to limit the search to a single site. For ex site: search on the French wiki (FR), but for the EN wiki:site:
An ex with zora in several wikis
wiki FR Wiki EN Common Wiki search
197 results 121 results 17 results all ns 4 pages (then in wiki code) and

only the main ns 2 pages (then in wiki code)

  • with zora site: we search on all wikis: about 1 510 results

On the other hand: you can't search with * (as with wiki search). Previously, Goo search with magi used to search for all words beginning with magi (magic, magical, magics etc), but not anymore :(


To search for images on common: 2 ex, with zora:



ex with zora About 1,030 results because after the forum the results are presented on wikis.

Notes and other links

  1. No regular expressions in our wikis. E.g., intitle:/[éèe]/v* returns nothing. Worse: we have a problem with accents... Search because they have installed an extension!
  2. The 6 wikis (URLs starting with en, fr, de, es, ru or atys - e.g. is the Spanish wiki) use the same code (media wiki, in PHP) and 6 separate databases.
  3. About wiki account creation, see Help:Why create an account?. The wiki is managed by players, for any question contact us on
  4. The user pages (also called profiles because they present their bio etc.) start with User:AnHomin on the EN wiki, Utilisateur:AnHomin or Utilisatrice:AnHomina on the FR wiki... An ex: User:Dorothée,. Preferences are the same for the wikis, but not the Watchlist and Contributions.
  5. The COMMON wiki is in English because common to all 5 wikis, its URL starts, and hosts the files. A table of the main categories is at atys:Main_Page or using categories under atys:Category:Encyclopatys).