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en:Tips for wiki contributors
fr:Astuces pour contributeurs wiki
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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Jenn, 2020-06-14)

Gathers various tips for contributors and bureaucrats on wikis.

The "with cloud" part is mostly for those who have access to the Ryzom cloud (in the wiki project, or other teams).

With a browser

I use Firefox.


tabs and bookmarks

I've noticed that many people underuse tabs - see especially the "Bookmark tabs" section ... More at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tabs-organize-websites-single-window

use the profiles

If you use a lot of extensions, you can have several Firefox profiles. For example, I have a profile full of dev extensions, another lighter one (for Ryzom) etc...


Caution: too many extensions can "eat RAM memory" (see a solution: profiles).

I find the following extension very handy, which improves the containers (firefox tabs) Multi-Account Containers...

In practice, the extension separates the storage of different sites in individual spaces for each tab. Cookies downloaded by a contextual tab are not accessible by the other contextual tabs. As a result (among other things), allows you to connect to the same site on two different accounts

With Thunderbird

I use Thunderbird for my emails, which handles feeds very well RSS.

It allows me to see all the updates on the various wikis. I also get the news from the official forum.

With Ryzom cloud

You have to request access to Tamarea https://cloud.ryzom.com/.

It is based on Nexcloud.

For the wiki, 2 tricks are very practical:

  • News (RSS feed manager) where you can bookmark certain pages to keep them under your thumb...
  • Favorites because you can put labels, put them in folders, take notes ...
News and Favorites


At the bottom left, the Parameters allows

  • import/export favorites.
  • Favelet : to have in your browser, a button to easily play pages (without needing to copy-paste addresses, while working on wikis). Drag it to the personal bar of Firefox to add it.


RSS feeds example

More on RSS

Share pads and files


See File formats too.

Notes and links

More at https://docs.nextcloud.com/ (Ryzom cloud is based on Nextcloud).

KB (KanBoard)

The Teams and wiki project can use it. It's a task manager.


Notes and links

On this wiki :

To ask for help and advice on our wikis: https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/pj-ryzom_wiki

And elsewhere... On the cloud (wiki team's one): document created by Amosys, https://cloud.ryzom.com/f/31425