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Notes: (Ledania, 2022-03-21)

This document shortly describes external tools that are useful for every team member. These tools are not working in-game or just in a very limited way and you need to use external browser. The goal is not to supply any user manual just give you a basic overview about what do we use, how it could be useful and how to log in. The second part of this document is focused on members of the Test team.

General information

Here is a basic description of all important external tools that you should keep in mind and use.

Ryzom chat (RC)

You probably know the Ryzom chat already. It is a tool that allows you to read in-game chats without a need to be actually in game. You will have "~" (tilde) prefix in front of your name in case of every message sent from RC to the game. Some additional details about Ryzom chat are described in the RC FAQ article.

Another important role of the Ryzom chat is also that each team or project have own private chat room available. Team chat rooms have a "t-" prefix and project chat rooms have "pj-" prefix. By default every team member supposed be member of all following rooms:

Internal chat rooms are not public thus you must become a member of a team/project first to see other private rooms then default ones. In all cases if you think you have lost or didn't get access to a specific channel you should be presented on (including default ones) please contact Tamarea or Tykus.

KanBoard (KB)

KanBoard is a collaboration tool, a place where all team tasks supposed to be registered. There exists a lot of boards for various teams, projects and use. The general rule about tasks is that they travel from columns on left to columns on right as they progress. In case you miss access to any board you supposed to see please contact Tamarea.

Ryzom cloud (Cloud)

Ryzom cloud is a powerful tool for (not just) collaboration on documents. There are various folders and the visibility depends on your team or project membership as usually. You can work with various file types on the cloud, however for a team cooperation we use mostly Pads, a special type of document that highlights different contributors. In case you miss access to any part of the cloud please contact Tamarea. Some additional details about file formats used on the Ryzom cloud are described in File formats article [1].

There is a "Ryzom-Team" folder on the cloud that you should be able to access. You can find some useful documents for internal needs, sorted to several sub-folders.

Ryzom Wiki

Ryzom wiki is the main place for all documentation. It is not a tool you will probably need to use directly in your team, however it contains a lot of useful information about the game and its world. The Wiki is maintained by the Ryzom Wiki project. Viewing documents does not require any authentication, however you must have an account in case you wish to contribute. As a member of a Ryzom team consider your registration and updating your profile page [2].

More about wiki account creation on Help:Why create an account?.

Server status

This small application is used to quick check the state of all three servers. There is no need to authenticate yourself and it is a passive too that displays what is running and what is not. Please remember that this tool is unable to cover wrong functionality of a component, it just tells you if it is running or not. In best case all icons on this page are green (thus everything is running).

As a member of the Test Team

Here are some additional details for members of the Test team. In case you are lost or need a help, contact one of Test team coordinators on the team chat (see below).

Ryzom chat (RC)

You supposed to see #t-test room by default and all discussion about testing supposed to go there, unless you need to interact with members from other teams. Feel free to ask about everything that is not clear, about your work in team, tools, a test details or your questions and issues that appeared during your testing. Feel free to suggest anything that will help run the team or fix any issue you have discovered.

KanBoard (KB)

You supposed to see "[Team] Test" board where all current or near-future tests have a place. The board is separated to various columns and tasks travel from left to right. However the most important for you are three of those columns:

  • Testing on Yubo, where a list of tasks to be tested on Yubo server is
  • Testing on Gingo, with a list of tasks that supposed to undertake final testing on Gingo server
  • Testing on Atys, where you can find tasks that need to be tested after it was released on Atys

You can comment each task as you wish, however remember please that each specific testing has a Testing PAD with instructions and all your testing reports should go there not to comments on the board. The link to a corresponding pad is usually attached to the task. More details about Test board organization is covered by Test board organization chapter, more details about work for testers is described in Test Team roles

Ryzom cloud (Cloud)

As a member of the Testing team you supposed to see the "Test-Team" folder. It contains various sub-folders however for the testing itself you need mostly "1 - DEV_Yubo", "2 - TEST_Gingo" and "3 - LIVE_Atys". All three folders are similar, one for each testing server and one for the Live server. All contain several other sub-folders:

  • 1 - Ongoing contains pads related to current opened testing
  • 2 - Minor issues contains pads from previous testing that contain issues to be discussed and solved
  • 3 - OK is a folder for recently finished testing
  • 4 - Archive is a place where all documents form testing will end after some time

Every existing testing task usually has a testing PAD that contains instructions about the test itself and is separated into several parts. Actual form of a Testing PAD is up to each Test Guide (a Coordinator who cares about the test), however there exists a template, self-describing example and a PAD with help you can check. Another important sub-folders are:

  • TT-Library where you can find some useful documents related to the Test Team
  • Test related files where you can store screenshots from your testing to link in a Testing PAD

  1. You can read Tips for wiki contributors#With Ryzom cloud too. Caution: the Document folder is for your personal files - no team can access it.
  2. More on Category:Help.