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de:Das Test-Team-Handbuch
en:The Test Team Handbook
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fr:Manuel de l'équipe de test
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Notes: (Ledania, 2022-03-22)

This document gives you quick overview about necessary steps you must undertake to join the Test Team and be able to do good work. It is enriched with links to other documents with more details in case such text exists. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free ask on #chat-general (accessible for team members only) or #pub-general (open for everybody).

Step 1: Apply to join

If you are willing to apply to become a member of the Testing team, please contact Tamarea, directly on Ryzom chat or by sending an e-mail to You need to get access to team tools and private chat rooms. After this step use the #t-test chat room for any questions related to testing.

More information: Get in touch with Ryzom Forge

Step 2: Get familiar with team tools

As next you need to become familiar with tools used by the Ryzom team. For planning we use Kan Board, for collaboration we have a cloud system and internal (team) chat rooms.

More information: External team tools

Step 3: Configure Ryzom clients

The most of team work and testing is closely tight to our testing servers. You need to create two separated client installations to have access to Yubo, the developers server, Gingo, the testing server and also to beta updates for Atys server.

More information: Setting up connection to non-public Ryzom servers

Step 4: Prepare for testing

Once you have access to testing servers, you need to prepare some characters to perform tests and become familiar with in-game tools for testers. It will make your life much easier.

More information: On a testing server

Step 5: Choose a test

Your work in the Test team is mostly up to you. You are free to join any test and you can use any procedure that fits you. However there are some rules that help cooperation with others, prevents fails. You need to get familiar with our Test board where we track all existing testing tasks.

More information: Test board organization

Step 6: Start testing

Now you are getting to the core. Your work would be pointless if you could not provide all details from your testing. There are some tips that can help you in case you have no previous experience with a testing.

More information: Testing report tips