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de:Das Test-Team-Handbuch/1 - Kontaktaufnahme mit Ryzom Forge
en:The Test Team Handbook/1 - Get in touch with Ryzom Forge
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Ledania, 2022-03-21)

This document attempts to give you basic information about Ryzom Forge, periodical meetings and how you can join.

Elements related to Forge meeting on HOME
Elements related to Forge meeting on HOME

What is Ryzom Forge?

Ryzom Forge is a collaborative project with goal to get Ryzom players involved in. It consists of many teams and projects focused on different aspects of the Ryzom development and is also ment to be a bridge between Ryzom itself, Ryzom Core and Khaganat project.

What is Ryzom Forge meeting?

While team chat rooms are private for members of a team or a project, Ryzom Forge meetings are, along the Forum, the way how can team members meet and discuss with regular players. It is a medium to publish hot news about the Ryzom Forge like upcoming changes or events and also directly answer player questions.

Visit the meeting

Ryzom Forge meetings are held on the #pub-forge channel usually twice a month and you can follow it from Ryzom Chat. If you want o visit the meeting in-game, open WebIG HOME by pressing Shift+W and click blue RF icon by languages in top-right corner. The meeting usually takes 2-3 hours and its start is announced via #pub-announcements channel which is connected directly to the game.

Important note:
At this moment you need to join the channel in-game first or it will disappear from the Ryzom Chat every time you re-log there. However it is possible to find the channel manually.

The date and time of upcoming meetings are published in the main calendar along other events. Press Shift+W in-game or visit to see the schedule. The meeting is scheduled with respect to the highest player base activity. For those who are unable to join due to unsuitable time there is always composed a meeting report that is published on the Forum some time after the meeting itself. Between meetings any free discussion is allowed, however once the meeting start, you should accept following rules until its end:

Rise your hand and wait for the floor before you speak

To prevent the meeting getting out of order, please rise your hand and then wait your turn. Remember, that it helps the person who translate you to other language and also the one who is composing the meeting report. Another important reason is that you questions might be overlooked when everyone talks together.

Stick with the current topic

The meeting agenda is published at the beginning of each meeting. If you have a question or a topic that does not fit any of current topics, ask before or at the end of the meeting to incorporate it. It also helps the person who is composing the meeting report.

Speak clearly and wait for translations

All meetings are held in english as well as in french. There is usually a volunteer who translates between these languages. Try to help him or her, use simple expressions and make a short pause after each sentence or paragraph waiting for translation.

Apply to join

If you are interested in joing any team other than Support or Event (where your anonymity is important) and help to develop the Ryzom, you can apply directly during any meeting. The last agenda topic is usually dedicated to recruitment of new members. We publish there positions we do look volunteers for, however every help to every team is welcome. Do not hesitate to apply to any Ryzom Forge team. Your other option (the only one if you apply for Support or Event team) is to contact Tamarea, the communication manager, directly. You can reach her with direct message on Ryzom Chat or send an e-mail to