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Some tips about how search and find: people (homins or player or toons and/or NPC), your mektoub and appartment, places, acronyms, help, informations on the wiki... but some in game tips too (how move stuffs from a mektoub to an other one), organize windows...

Help:Search is about the wiki search engine, and several other tips: search on the web, Categorization (heart of wikis), search on the official forum etc

General tips

About Game interface:
Menu on Compass
  • on compass: (right click on the black compass to open the menu ) put your Animals/toub or team mate or mark (see map) on your compass (or Radar). Only works if you are on the same map as the desired toub (otherwise it indicates an incorrect direction). Target will add on compass what your macro or target command result (see /tar on Special command).
  • On the map (M), A Mektoub on map you can only see the toubs if they are not in a stable. A toub in a barn cannot be found using the map (as a team mate who is in an apartment won't be on map).
  • More on Webapps main who present some webapps
    webapps toolbar
    , developed by players, that add lot of features in and/or out of the game.
  • You have IG 4 virtual desktop (from F1 to F4), to help you organizing windows.

More on User Manual and the category Category:Starting Out too (rather for new comers). For returning player, see some big change resume on Patch 2020.

Move and organize

Tips about find, sort and store your belongings

Using the Inventory (to open inventory, key I)

  • In various tabs, one has access to the inventory of his mektoubs and his apartment/guild if one is in his apartment/guild, but not directly the inventory of his guild when in apartment (it is necessary to configure a webapps).
  • 3 Inventory windows, side by side
    a right clic on Mektoub (box tab of the Inventory window) open its inventory window in an other window, very handy to search in several mektoubs (and apartment or GH), and move stuff from one to an other (bag - toub or bag - apartment). Here, there's a quality filter on the top windows (French interface, Mount 1) - too far to access it, just in "read mode" - glove and toub's food images are translucent)
    • To move a whole mats stack: hold down the key SHIFT, while drag the stack (from bag to mektoub for ex), you won't need to confirm quantity
  • group armor, jewels and tool/weapon in hands, to moove and use
    items group: wear your favorite armor, jewels and weapon/tool and write in chat the command /createGroup somename Once the group created, you can very fastly wear it or move all in once with a right clic on a item (menu Groups / somename / wear or move). More on Special_command#Outfit_Commands
  • New Inventory features, at the bottom of the Inventory window (I), with a better filter [1]
Down I, use the ? icon to use filter
    • with string filter (for ex: choice, sup or beng...)
    • with quality intervals, here some examples: 180-210 shows items from q180 to q210 ; -150 shows those from q1 to q150...
Ex: a filter to find a TP
  • Your guild own a Outposts? When you are near outpost, you can access Guild Hall Inventory (OCC: using I, GUILD tab box) - useful to empty your bag, by the way.
  • Free account players:
    • you can buy only 1 mount mektoub.
    • No apartment (you can buy one, but can't use it - is it true in 2019 ???).
    • even if you are a Hight Officer, you can't pick stuff from your Guild Hall (you can drop stuff in it, but no take any thing from it).

Important notes:

  • To move stuff (from one inventory to another), you must be IG, and close enough (19m) of your mektoubs, or be in your apartment.
  • You can not "move" your apartment: you have to empty it, abandon it and buy another one (as for the mektoubs - don't free it until empty it or you will loose all it contains, support can't help you to get back its content).

Sell at very expensive rate

When you sell to a Merchant or Hawker, put the maximum prize (on % write 9999), you will have a week to take it back (in same country: for ex, if you sell in desert, you'll find them in the 3rd tab box in desert only (Fyros kami/like land), not in Trykers Lakes or Matis Forest...).

Works on Silan, for free and sub accounts.


apartment and toubs

Where is my apartment ? You comes back from a very long travel, and can't remember where it was ? Try armory or If you can't wear any more your clothes: check if you paid LOL

More on Apartment and Guild hall. You can ask for help writing a ticket or ask gm.

Where are my mektoubs ?

  • via its Inventory (tool filter), we see which country it is from (and therefore in which nation it is located, sometimes that is enough).
  • shows you where they are.
  • With BM:
    1. Create an API Key (don't forget to clic "never expires"), and
    2. create a note with this key and the URL (paste the key here)

Where is my friend

If around try the command in the chat /tar name (it can be /tar "Cetis Cegrips"); More on Special command.

Searching an homin (a player)

Try forum, armory, send a izam (login with a toon name and account's password).

On this wiki: Category:Homins group all Category:Player Characters and non players homins - on the English wiki (on French it's fr:Category:Homins - quite a big page, with other sub-categories, de:Category:Homins...)

Searching NPC (Non Playing character)


On this English wiki : Category:Non Playable Characters (see fr:Catégorie:Personnages non-joueurs).

Search a place

  • The new search icon in the Map toolbar
    you can add marks on your map, and search with the ? on
  • use the BM map
  • A English/German/French translation issue? see the array with places names in the different languages, at atys:Atys_Places. Moniq's webapps can help too.


Search and find on wikis

See Help:Search.

Notes and other links

  1. see New2019