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Gubani mount, and Zig on right

Important: free accounts can win a Zig, but only a subscribed account can really benefit from all their advantages.

You can win a Gubani (to be mounted) and a zig at the Wheel of fortune (we also win tokens at some events) - "in addition" of the 4 mektoubs/gubani - we can't have 3 Zigs (as macros might suggest), except using a tip. They are managed a little like a toub (same maximum volume 500, they can be killed, stored in the stable...).

Three types of zigs are in game:

  • Albino Yubo (special reward that can no longer be obtained);
  • Gubani (won at the Wheel, different sizes available);
  • Frippo (won at the Wheel, different sizes available).

Particularities of the Zigs

  • It bears the name of its owner and it keeps this name, even if its 1st owner gives it (since, like the mektoubs, one can give a mektoub to another homin). In the picture above, we see on the right the Alexarwe Zig, near the Yrkanis stable (winters in the Forest, in 2605).
  • it can be put in its bag (space saving, because its volume will not be counted in its personal bag). It is better to command follow me before putting him in his bag when using TP (otherwise it stays there).
  • We can't buy them. Either a homin gives you one, or you win it at the Wheel of fortune. (tokens: especially with the excellent ones, more rarely with the basics...), knowing that we can only assemble one at a time.
  • We can have 3 maxi (assemble one, give it to a friend, assemble the second one etc).
    • in your bag, you don't have access to his inventory
    • in macros, no "Put in the bag" command":(
  • in the follow-me mode, your Zig will follow you:
    • in your Apartment and also, if you are invited, it will follow you to your friends' house.
    • when you break a teleportation pact
    • in your bag, it passes with you the Vortex and the Rangers paths (nutela) - I haven't tested it yet in the Guild Island.
  • He has different behaviors, and at first you have to tame him (he doesn't always obey very well, it gets better). Often he turns around you, when you leave your apartment with him or when you take him out of the stable (if you let him sleep there), but in general he is a calm companion, even if he makes the typical Gubanis cry.
  • Frippos are like Gubanis Zig, but they move more: they bark, pee and then scratch the ground with their hind feet...
    Pissing Frippo and Gubani Zigs
    Pissing Frippo and Gubani Zigs

Object groups do not work with zigs (June 2020 and Sept. 12th, 2019).


  • Now (June 2020), you'll find in macro the commands to get them in/out your bag.

Like toubs - maybe even more often than toubs? - we look for them, we don't know where they went...

  • Often when we logout, it stays there. Trying to remember where you were when you logged in.
  • If you have your zig in your bag, and you TP, it happens that the zig stays there if it was not following.

Better quit near stables or near your apartment.

Better to keep it in stable, if you don't like, as me, spend too much time to find it...

F2P or free account

  • Macros don't seem to work (following a discussion on evenness in Sept 2019).
  • No access to the Zig's inventory, so they are only decorative (and to be stroked).

As a reminder, only one mektoub (and no apartment).

Special Zig

On Silan, towards Chiang the Strong, you can see/pet Arionasis's Zig, to honour the memory of Arionasis/Teeneemai, more on the ceremony.

Notes and links

On the forum, Clarification about pets, posted on the 2021 January 17th.

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More on Patch 2019 (Zigs were added during the JY 2603 Patch in May 2019).

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