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Wheel of fortune Wheel of fortune Prizes
de:Glücksrad/Gewinne en:Wheel of fortune/prizes es:Rueda de la Fortuna/Premios fr:Roue de la Fortune/Lots ru:Колесо Фортуны/лоты
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Prizes found in bags

Exchangeable objects

The basics
The crystals of elevation q200, fireworks, flowers (wisdom, concentration, stamina,...), Recharge crystal, generic raw materials from Q100 to Q250...
The rare ones
Dapper jackpots
The ultra rare
The underwear 
Anlor Win (weapons, pumpkin head,...) and Atysmas prizes 
Anlor Win and Atysmas

Non-exchangeable objects

generic raw materials from Q100 to Q250 ...
Rare items
The stuffed animals Plushies (Yubo, Arma, Gubani, Lumper, Ploderos...)
Refugee clothes
Rare objects
Ultra rare items
Some colors of underwear, prestige shield, ladle, candy cane...
Titles "La Poisse" and "La Chance" are won in the form of a ticket found in the bag. They are not exchangeable.

Prizes found in special bag

These are the prizes either to be assembled or that are not exchangeable (1st tab of the special bag)

First tab

"Items of everything in the special bag

  • Special items such as invites to events ...
  • Minigames:
    • Pay to Win: a scratch card game : you win at least a choice token, and sometimes 10 or even 50 choice tokens
    • Bymgo : a kind of bingo game:
    1 line completed : you win 25 choice tokes and 5 excellent ones when you are the first to complete it,
    1 line completed : you win 50 choice tokes and 10 excellent ones when you are the first to complete it,
    1 line completed : you win 100 choice tokes and 20 excellent ones when you are the first to complete it,
  • Assembled wigs.

Second tab

  • Tokens (not exchangeable) : fine, choice, excellent or supreme depending on the token you play.

Third tab

Object parts to be assembled.
Ryzhome decor item, wig, plush, gubani mount and zig parts.
Once assembled, only mounts and zigs can be exchanged or traded.

The wigs

The stuffed animals

4th tab: Ryzhome

See #Ryzhome Prizes

Ryzhome Prizes

You will find in the ryzhome tab the decorations of apartments that have not yet been installed

The basics 
Jar, chest, torch, bags, Backpack
The rare ones
miniature items (fireplace, decor items ...)
Ultra rare 
old chest
During the OOC events
Paintings, pumpkins, snowballs, snowman, atysmas trees, various size gifts, undead animals , corpses, various effects

Supreme Tokens

The Supreme Tokens are available since Patch 00899. All tokens are winners. Among the new prizes they offer are (first set):

  • generic excellent raw materials of quality up to 250...
  • permanent titles with a surprise wording;
  • new tattoos: 80 of them, 10 per race and per gender;
  • new pets: White Gubani, Capryni Zig and Bolobi Zig;
  • a new light armor: a light one, of which:
    • the low quality one (skin 1) will rarely be dropped;
    • the medium quality one (skin 2) will very rarely be dropped;
    • the high quality one (skin 3) will require more than just spinning the wheel to be dropped;
  • new cosmetic weapons whose statistic are similar to those dropped during Anlor-Winn and Atysmas, which will be dropped all along the year, the look of which you will have the surprise;

prize lists

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