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Craftjenn Bio OCC Notes

Translation to review
Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Craftjenn, 2020-08-06)

Personal Amber
Guild none
Rank none
Race Portal:Matis
Nationality Tenant
Cult Gnost
Babel user information
fr-N Cette utilisatrice a pour langue maternelle le français.
en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
Users by language

Deles silam / Lordoy ad toll / oren pyr / Woha mik'ito / Bankun / Hello,

I am a young Ranger. I am born on the Thermis 21st 2576.
My flat is in Yrkanis. I am working on my tribes fames, and harvesting in Prime roots too. More on me (bio) and (the very short in English) how I became a Ranger.

About wikis related questions

There is a RC channel for wiki questions, remarks etc... https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/pj-ryzom_wiki

Under it, I have created several Discussions, with FAQ in title (see below). Thanks to use them, and not too much personal messages, as very often we have the same questions (and I am quite fed up getting DP, as it's popping in the center of the screen while IG) ...

RC has a lot of very nice features, un-exploited... Translating the French RC FAQ about that...

OOC: ex-Wiki contributor

Contact Dorothee and/or Moniq

I was a contributor on the French wiki, in the wiki Project, I was writing some notes here too.

In English (thanks to correct my quite bad English and erase the bugs I see, as it seems I have bugs, that only me see): Guild Island, Mektoub FAQ, Merchant, Search and find, Webapps, Zinuakeen, Discovery of guild islands, translating my biography, Memorial Project, User:Kythqaaa (killed by Corona virus)...

RC chat to talk about wikis: https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/pj-ryzom_wiki
#pj-ryzom_wiki is the RC channel to talk about wikis, and contain several FAQ
  • under pj-ryzom_wiki, there's several Discussions, with FAQ in titles.
    • FAQ - common : for questions about Common wiki (has all images, for the 5 wikis)
    • FAQ Templates/Modèles : about Templates
    • FAQ - backgroud colors : about formatting, graphical chart... (and relatives templates)
    • FAQ - bot

  • Previously (March and until 27th April 2020), I tried to:
    • translate help about RC discussions (now on fr:RC/Gestion de ses canaux to RC/Channel Management)
    • get a better files and images management (common wiki, finish help page about how categorize images, because in French for now)
    • add FAQ pages about wikis (see, as an ex the last point - but there's many pages LOL)
    • finish all pages I was creating previously (a lot of them are half translated from FR to EN) -> check History and French page before big changes (now, we are trying to reduce the big differences between the 6 wikis)
    • there's a lot of "Help pages" - some are very obsolete (from wiki merges)... I am trying to make an inventory of all these pages, distributed in various ns (due to the history of the different wikis). Then later, we can talk about what to do with them - maybe choose together what to do, what categories to use, and choose ns ? (maybe, we will create new ns, for Lore and Teams? we are writing about that now...)
    • More on namespaces and search: Wiki_Technical_Guide#Namespaces and Search and find on Wikis
    • Have a look on Chat/RC FAQ and search in RC

I won't come anymore.

--CraftJenn, Ranger, ex-Bois d'Almati 15:56, 15th May 2020 (CEST)

More on Guild:Cercle du Bois d'Almati (French Ranger guild) - The Almati Wood Circle Society.