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I did the first part of the rite a long time ago, so I'm not very sure of some details, these notes are from memory ... I'll have to go talk to my fellow Rangers, to check if I do not I have not made big mistakes ...

But basically, here's what I remember:

Ideally, a Ranger has all (the 4 nations + Kami and Kara) fames 50. The easiest way is to raise them to 50 before starting the rite. Some missions need to have these fame at minimum values (for example, to get the cube, they must be at least 35).

  • The first part of the rite begins in Zora and gives 4 nutelas (or Ranger Pathways).

The advantage of these 4 nutelas (nickname that the Rangers give to their specific means of transport) is that they are free (no dappers need to buy them, magical amber is completely free). The major disadvantage is that you have to be in the right place to use them: it's a tunnel between two places, as a special vortex. And that we still have no tp towards the Prime Roots.
These completed missions, we have in his bag an Amber Ranger Ambreranger.png and the cube Ranger Cuberanger.png, which shows the precepts Rangers. We also win a title "Aspirant Ranger".

  • The second part has 3 big parts: it starts in Silan (yes as we can now go to Silan), takes place on a new zone, and ends on Atys.
Apocanix Pletheus, Head of a refugee camp

We finish with more than ten nutelas (including points in PR), and the title of the Faction : Ranger.

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