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Arionasis / Teeneemai

2602 JA

The seed of life flew out of his cage during his dream that he thought was real. His loved ones remember him and mourn him. Peace to his seed.

Friday, 10th May 2019
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Personal Amber
Teeneemai by Giselher small .png
Teeneemai  means in Atysian: ...
Leader of Tyneetryk's Tears
Race Tryker
Nation Tenant
Worship Gnost
Guild Tyneetryk's Tears
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Teeneemai was one of the most famous Tryker-Ladys, who has ever been on Atys. The reason for that you will not only find in her unconditional helpfulness, and you will also not only find it in her loving beeing to everyone; No, in fact, these qualities could be met twice on Atys, because the player behind Teeneemai was the same one as that of the very popular CSR Arionasis.

The Name Teeneemai appeared the first time with the year 2013 on that „crazy rootball“ (her special term for Atys) 🙂, but the player was already active there since 2007. So she leaded in the year 2009 the unforgettable Tyneetryk to the Ryzom-Planet and trained her, too. At that times the name Teeneemai didn‘t exists yet, so lets call this player behind just Mai. Mai said: „When I realised that life on Atys was what she needed to take her mind off her illness and then when I realised that she was far more sick that me, I let her take the lead, with my help. I was happy to let Tynee be the wonderful guild leader that she was.“

The awful end of that deepest friendship came with the earth year 2013, where Tyneetryk died. It was a disaster for all: The people on Atys lost one of their most beloved Homins; And Mai lost her best friend. In recognition to Tyneetryk Mai established now the new Guild Tyneetryk's Tears. But also on this new start was a shadow, because also Mai were struggling with the terminated illness of cancer. Again and again guildies left her, because of absence times on Atys, because of some stay in‘s in the hospice. In February 2017 she found her last guildy and friend Giselher.

Teeneemai‘s last day on Atys was the 23 December 2018 (or maybe the early morning of the 24 December), before she went again into the hospice. Mai died on the 2 May 2019. A big memorial celebration under her ingame names Arionasis / Teeneemai took place on Silan at Chiang the Strong on the 10 May 2019.

InGame Profile of Teeneemai

Ba‘Riroy Teeneemai
Ranger Aspirant

Neither myself nor my twin sister, Tyneetryk, know much about our early lives. We know that our parents were killed during the First Great Swarming and we were left alone and had to fend for ourselves. Many of our Tryker brethren have said that our mother was a powerful and respected healer and our father was a mediator during our break from slavery under the Matisian oppression. Wether any of this is true, we will never know, because all of our records were destroyed.

My sister and I worked hard to gain some ability and respect with all of the other peoples of Atys and we both believed that we took after our mother, in wanting to heal, rather than harm.

Sadly a few years ago, although it seems like a lifetime, my dear sister was taken from this world, so now I strive alone. However, I have recently found a renewed energy, joining the ranks of the Rangers, since they opened their secrets to those who are prepared to work to gain their abilities. Neutrality will always be my aim. Our enemy is the Kitin horde.

Memorial Celebration

Hello, Tamarea, from the Ryzom team.

The ceremony in memory of Arionasis / Teeneemai will begin in 1h40. Explanations and speeches will be in English in around and in uni-EN. The uni-DE and uni-FR will be used for translations.

Players will speak in around in the language of their choice. We will see when the time comes if translators translate them live in the universe channels, otherwise we will translate them before publication on the forum. We have chosen to use all three language universes for this ceremony, in addition to around, so that players who cannot be present can follow from afar via RC.

Maiyr 19:53 Hey there Tamarea 🙂

Tamarea Stable Boy 21:54

Good Evening everyone,

We are gathered here to celebrate the memory of Arionasis / Teeneemai, who sadly died from cancer on May 2 after a bitter struggle. In choosing the location for the ceremony it was, of course, self-evident: what better place to pay tribute to him than the one place where he loved to stand to welcome and help the new players?

  • Looks at Arionasis' banner lying on the ground for a long time and at his accompanying Yubo, who seems to be waiting for his friend's return.*
  • Courteously bows to them.*

This ceremony will take place in several stages:

First of all, a time to speak: all those who wish to can come and say a few words to pay tribute to Arionasis, or indeed Teenemai, perhaps to tell an anecdote, or share a memory ... after words of kindness, a minute's silence will follow to give us all an opportunity to get lost in our thoughts and remember Arionasis / Teeneemai. Lastly, we will pay a last and final tribute by placing ourselves in a position to form the letters ARI on the ground together (using flowers to help indicate where to place ourselves). Everyone will then formulate a brief farewell message, and a single firework will be launched, as if to send Arionasis / Teeneemai all our final messages... Before I give you the floor, I'd like to talk to you a little bit about Arionasis:

He had been fighting for several years against a cancer that deprived him of the use of speech. He could no longer communicate easily in his daily life, but here on Ryzom, he could and liked to do so. He used his power of speech in Ryzom, taking the time to discuss problems with each player in need of help, to question Ulukyn to help him solve each strange technical ticket, or just sometimes, during off-peak hours, to chat a little with the players in the universe.

Unfortunately, the cancer had not said its last word and came back elsewhere, in force, mercilessly...
Arionasis / Teeneemai knew he was doomed in the short term but wanted to continue his volunteer work for Ryzom until the last minute, to continue to be treated as a non-ill person until the end. But also, and above all, for the love of the community that you all form together...

The Teeneemai player joined the Ryzom team, under the pseudonym Arionasis, in October 2016. He contributed passionately to the Ryzom support team, and became quite key to the English Translations necessary to operate our multilingual platform. Due to his efficiency, and also his reactivity, he had become my Communication Assistant and he was responsible for numerous urgent announcements. He was also very active in the test team. Always motivated by his desire to help as much as possible, he had also just joined the Game Design team.

His death leaves in me a great void. I will keep the image of him as being a smiling, open, kind, devoted person, passionate about Ryzom and an excellent Support member. I will miss very deeply his human warmth...

May he rest in peace...

  • Takes a long bow long before Arionasis' GM stick.*
  • Looks at everyone present.*

Those who wish to speak should line up in front of me. I'll give the talking stick to the first, who will then give it to the second, and so on...

  • Tamarea gives the floor to Giselher.

Giselher 22:17

Hello dear Homins, hello dear friends of Mai,
so you see, I‘m Giselher … the last guildy of Tyneetryk‘s Tears and High Officer of our dear Mai. The last two years I met Mai nearly every day here on Atys, and so I want to share now some memories about her with you. I have prepared some words and I will copy it line after line here into the chat; So please listen:

I met Mai the first time on Silan in February 2017… Maybe two weeks after creating Giselher. Silan… yes, at that time one could not meet Teeneemai there, because she was already a Mainland char; So the beautiful Minimei, another one of her charismaticly alternates, picked me up there: I was on my way to that giant Kirosta with a spontaneously builded group of Homins. At the entrance of the Kitin Jungle I saw that strange Tryker-Girl: A lady with Pink hair and a cute name like stolen from a sheaply comic… 😃 BUT! With a sack full of well hints for that warrior group! She talked to me something and I was on my way to loose my group, which were still running straight to the Kirosta. At first I wanted to follow that player group, but after some steps I saw still her eye on me. I stopped and watched the backview… Then I tried to hide behind one of those hills there. But her eye never left me… ...After a minute I returned and stood in front of her again. Oh my, what would I say to her...?? 😃 Oh, I needed quickly an good idea, and yes I found some Kitins there and began to show her my new developed technic for killing Keepes: I took a sword in one hand and a second one to the other hand and started to beat them with strong cries and cool loopings. Oh yes, she was very impressed, and she didn‘t get tired to tell me nice things about my show for her. 🙂 Oki, today I know, she simply thought, that guy needs urgently help with the Ryzom-game… 😃

She was honestly with me, because she told me from the beginning about her terminated illness. So we played always under macabre circunstances, because of her awful pains all the time. But I was firmly determined to leave her never and carry on with her until the end… One day she fell into my arms (Yes, it is possible ingame!), after what I fell into love with her… 🙂 From that time on nobody would be able to count all my tears; But know, tears will clean the thoughts. And cleaning thoughts are needed for finding honestly words… So the things went on, day after day. Mostly we played between around 13 and 18 o‘clock. Mai trained me to some masters over the month in spite of all her discomfort. I told her: Wherever I go, I‘m whispering your name in the wind … my dear Mai… You are always in my heart, and so if I go out you can see what I see… just theoretically.

A bad thing I have to tell you, too: I had to learn to share her... 😕 because of her hot engagement for the problems of all those other homins on Atys… Indeed, she was our favourite! …

For two times over these two years she was in the hospice for some weeks, and for two times she could win that awful struggle and could return to her beloved Atys. But now the final curtain is fallen at this third time…

The last time I met her on Atys was at Atysmas 2018 the 23th december, that day before when she entered the hospice again. In the morning of the 24th I sent her a merry christmas mail with a funny screenshot artwork of our training the month before. She wrote to me at the afternoon on 24th. then:

„My dear Giselher,
Thank you for your lovely greeting. It cheered me up when I read it and saw the image.
I received the phone call from the Hospice at 10 am today. I am now in the Hospice and I am looking forward to my treatment starting tomorrow.
I will try to send you updates on my progress.
I am also looking forward to being back on Atys with you.
Love and hugs,

But this time the things changed not to a good way and I received more and more bad news about some complications.
So her final words to me were from 20th April:

„My dear Giselher and Thomas,
It is getting very hard for me so I will just wish you a Happy Easter.
love and hugs Mai“

Now a word from me to heaven:
Oh my dear Mai,
I‘m sure, you got in well;
As I told you, now you can be with your sweethearts again… 🙂
and drinking wine, too; In that way you liked it before your illness.
And you know it already:
You were not only the leader on Atys for me;
Because you did also the last path before me, you gave me an mighty item on earth, too:
Namely a fear-killer.
That day when the death will knock on my door, I will give him just a smile:
Do your Job quickly, please!
I‘m looking forward cos soon I will meet my dear Mai again...

Thank you for your attention my dears...

user:Bitttymacod 23:13

Virginia falls. In memoriam Tyneetryk...

I am going to speak loudly so that all can hear, and I promise to be brief.

I knew Teeneemai from her time in Phaedrea‘s Tears, and then afterwards when she formed Tyneetryk's Tears. For me, she is tied up in my memories with Tyneetryk. She was Tynee's best friend, and helped Tynee in her last days before Tynee fell to the same enemy that took Mai. Teeneemai held to service to all the homins in Atys, new and old, energetic and tired. It surprized me, but then did not surprize me when it turned out that the same soul was also Arionasis, one of the most friendly of the CSRs. I'm going to miss her terribly, just as I miss Tyneetrk every day. And I know that they are together in heaven and free of pain.
Thank you, Tamarea, for organizing this memorial.

My words are done.

Sbeck 23:24

Like many others I've learned Arionasis here on Silan and it was always good to see him and talk to him, not only in case of a problem. He had always an open ear and tried to help as much as possible when I was in a very bad shape in real life which also had effect in game and it's not told too much when I say that Arionasis saved my life in that time. I knew a bit about his real life pain and problems to find sleep and more, but no detail, so I didn't know that we had only this, way too little, short time together and I wish I could have learned him earlier or knew him better. The day I heard about him being dead a part of me died, too. A lot of memories of our chats came into my mind, how much he helped. But Arionasis did not help only me. Arionasis was always patient and willing to share his knowledge about the game mechanics to everyone to become better without pushing anyone into any direction, just let him/her do their own way. This here shows how much the community appreciated him. His death is a big loss for everyone but most of all and much bigger it's a loss for the game itself.

Arionasis, thank you for everything you did.
You will stay in the heart and mind of everyone who had the opportunity to meet you.
You inspired us and we will continue what you can't do here anymore.
Farewell, Arionasis, wherever you are now.
You are and will be missed... And thank you again for everything.
My words are done, too.

Luminatrix 23:28

Greetings, dear Homins.
My speech is quite short. There are no words that can express my sadness. Ari was a reassuring presence, standing vigil right here, helping all of us on our journey through Atys. Answering the strangest questions, solving the most unusual tickets, providing great advice and words of encouragement. Always friendly and cheerful, he was one of the kindest, sweetest people I have had the pleasure of meeting in this community. I will forever remeber him fondly, as I am sure we all will.

Farewell, Ari. You are missed tremendously and you will never be forgotten.

Dorothee @Dorothee 23:35

Sometimes the words one would like to say seem trivial. So the emotions we would like to say are perhaps much better expressed by a bunch of music notes.... While the other members of our community tell you their feelings , I suggest you to listen two songs that I chose for you, thinking about she who now sails under other skies.

We miss You Arionasis

  • Dorothee passes the mike to Meggy

Meggy 23:35


It is good to see you all here, though under the worst of circumstances. I know that it would truly touch Mai/Ari to see you all here, in support of him. He loved this place… It gave him the freedom that his body craved and this horrid disease had stolen from him. He truly lived his life here… with all of us, and we gave him a reason to keep fighting. There was much to do… and boy did he know how to do it! It gave him great joy to be able to give someone guidance, advice, to make someone laugh, to lend an ear. It gave him a sense of self worth, that this disease tried to rob him of. It came as no surprise to discover that Mai was also Ari. His patience and kindness made him well suited for the position. This was truly a gift to us all. To receive so much from someone who was in need, himself. That is the truest act of love that I can imagine. I am thankful to have had the chance to know him, the man behind that spunky little Tryker image. He is missed, but my heart has found solace in knowing that he has joined our dear friend Tyneetryk. What a joyous embrace that must have been! May they watch over us as we stumble around this crazy rootball without them both.

Thank you to all who helped prepare this service, and to all of you for attending.

Trytrytry 23:42

Arionasis helped me personally with much advice ... in ryzom forum I gave personal thanks but as inexperienced player and yet High Officer by appointment of my guild I feel the need to also give tribute to Arionasis in parting.

He strengthened me in my resolve and helped as far as possible to someday if possible get the guild back into more active status, with a Guild-Leader, a successor, a home city a Guild-Hall. That goal may or may not be achieved someday but it was just like ARionasis to nevertheless make that attempt. I and for sure all of my guild, are thus truly indebted to him. We shall hold him in dear memory ever.

Ty all, for allowing my such parting words 😎

Sarpedonia 23:50

Greetings all,

My first memory of Ari was my return from a number years break from Atys. He was the first CSR to respond to my ticket to restore my characters. We talked at length and was always fast to see if I got taken care of with this. Even tho the ticket was handed off to Tixi, he always checked to make sure it went through ok. We then talked about how long I was gone from the game, when I started Ryzom (which was during Nevrax closed beta). He was even upset for me to find out my early beta account could not be recovered. Since then it was chat about different things I found as exploits or my concerns about scripting macros. I won’t discuss any detail, but it was a fun conversation. After this, I joined some of the volunteer teams and met a different but still pleasant side of Ari. Many times we didn’t see eye to eye on topics and had our spats. But it was always with respect and seemingly mutual understanding.

I never knew about the health struggles, and the day I found out he was gone…. I can’t say the words that I yelled out in real life.

You will be missed Ari, I was supposed to learn from you in life not after 😞

Thank you all for staying long enough to hear my tribute.

Tamarea 23:57 Thank you.

Tamarea 00:12

We are now going to observe a minute's silence in memory of Arionasis / Teeneemai. (Please no emotes during this minute.)

  • Lowers her head.
  • ...
  • Raises her head.

In order to pay a last tribute to Arionasis / Teeneemai, we will take place as to form all together the letters ARI on the ground. Look up hillside, you will see discreet flowers forming the three letters. Please, align on them! You can now say a farewell word... and then I will launch a single firework to send all your messages to Arionasis / Teeneemai.

  • Launches the single firework.

To close this ceremony, I invite those CSR's present to bow to Arionasis' banner, followed by all the players who wish to. The CSR will then equip their banners, as a symbol of taking up the torch. Although they wanted to assist with this ceremony, some people couldn't be here for RL reasons. So, Arionasis' banner will stay by Chiang the Strong tower for several days to allow people to come and pay respect.

The ceremony log will be published on the forum. As for the little Yubo, he will definitely remain here, watching over the people of Silan, as Arionasis loved so much to do... Farewell, Arionasis / Teeneemai, we will never forget you...

Lhyrs 00:19 goodbye Teeneemai