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2602 JA

The seed of life flew out of her cage during her dream that she thought was real. Her loved ones remember her and mourn her. Peace to his seed.


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Personal Amber
Tyneetryk  means in Atysian: Don de Dieu
Race Tryker
Nation none
Worship Neutral
Guild Phaedreas Tears
Rank Founder, Honorary Head.
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Close friends

Teeneemai (aka Arionasis) and Tyneetryk were very close friends. Tyneetryk's Zig wanders now with Ari, Arionasis's one,, in SIlan, close to Chiang the Strong.

Saying goodbye to a friend



Fellow players, as some of you may already know, our friend Tyneetryk quit the game some months ago, due to poor health conditions. It is now with my heart full of sadness that I have to inform you that she has left us. Now she is finally in peace and this is all we have to soothe the pain for her absence.

As she was such a well-known and respected member of this community, I think it is appropriate to hold a service in her memory.

This is due next Sunday at 16:00 GMT+1. There will be a trek leaving from Yrkanis, starting just outside Yrkanis' main gate.

Anyone feeling like joining us is welcome, please let me know in advance if you intend to take part via izammail. We will head to Tynee's favourite place.

Thank you for reading this.

Regards, Ferishan



There was a wonderful group of people who gathered at Virginia Falls and spoke of their interactions with Tyneetryk and their appreciation of the part of her life that she gave us here on Atys. The Event Team gave us lamps, and Manda (Tynee's favorite beast) came and watched in the persona of Tiny Manda.

I was privileged to speak last and to present a song: For those of you who were not there, here it is:

These are my words:

I am a Tryker and so was Tyneetrk, but she made all hominity her kin. We are described as a cheerful and industrious race, and we may be a little more hedonistic than some. We value freedom, equality, sharing, She embodied those virtues, and her actions let the Tryker in everyone come out.

Here is the song:

Child of the Wind

We are the children of the wind,
Running free at work and play.
She was our loving Tryker kin.
The winds have borne our love away.

She was a friend to all and one,
Whenever homin needed aid;
Mattered not what they had done
Or in what battles they had played.

We are the children...

She was my friend in childhood lands,
Then we went each our separate way.
Each time we met, we clasped our hands
I wish I could hold her today.

We are the children...

The winds blew me to join her band
Pledged to heal and never harm,
But time was not hers to command;
Her Seed is quenched that was so warm.

We are the children of the wind,
Running free at work and play.
She was our loving Tryker kin.
The winds have borne our love away.

Tyneetryk will always be in the winds of Atys.

Virginia falls. In memoriam Tyneetryk...(Lucio by Giselher)

Remembering Tyneetryk Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys. (*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.