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Taxonomic Amber
Kingdom Animal
Category Herbivore
Main Ecosystem(s) Jungle and Prime Roots
Counterattack type Blunt

This timorous and gregarious herbivore has long powerful hind legs and gripping feet perfectly adapted for rapid movement. Its two 'winglets' on the crest of its back that enhance its balance, allowing it to run very swiftly in leaps and bounds over difficult terrain. Gubanis have a well-developed sense of smell along with sensitive hearing allowing them to keep on guard against predators while feeding. They have powerful and large incisors for gnawing and live in the jungle and Prime Roots.[1]

Main Details

  • Gubanis are extremely social animals, they will even defend other nearby herbivores.
  • Naturally immune to Slow Movement and Root.
  • Highly resistant to Cold magic.
  • Moderately resistant to Rot magic and physical piercing damage.
  • Partially resistant to Electric magic.
  • Gubanis can dispell beneficial effects, such as Invulnerability.

Mounts and Zigs

   In 2602 the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani made sweeping reforms to the lottery. Due to their reputation as mount trainers, they made an agreement with the Shadow Runners tribe to set up a breeding camp for Gubanis on the southern border of the void. The camp was inaugurated on Quinteth, Folially 29, 2nd AC 2602 [2]. Since this major event Gubani mounts and zigs can be won as prizes offered by the Wheel of fortune.

Valued Resources

Gubani can be quartered for:

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
206 Voracious Gubani
198 Ferocious Gubani
190 Fierce Gubani
189 Furious Gubani
166 Violent Gubani
157 Feral Gubani
149 Vicious Gubani
140 Nettled Gubani

Exceptional Specimens

Header text Level Type Grade of Materials Location
Demolisher Gubani 260 Named Choice Void
Gubakoo 220 Boss Supreme Abyss of Ichor
Harini (Abyss of Ichor) 210 Named Excellent Abyss of Ichor
Harini (Trench of Trials) 210 Named Excellent Trench of Trials, Lands of Umbra