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Guild Amber
Fortunate Gubani guild icon.png
Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani
Leader O'Reier Lamil
Hall Fairhaven
Nation Neutre
de:Gilde:Bruderschaft des Glücklichen Gubani
en:Guild:Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani
es:Gremio:Hermandad del Afortunado Gubani
fr:Guilde:Confrérie du Gubani Fortuné
ru:Гильда:Братство счастливого губани
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Notes: (Zamoor, 2021-10-25)

The Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani, whose leader is O'Reier Lamil, is an Ancryai (Resident Guild of Aeden Aqueous).

This international company, under private law, is active in gambling throughout the world. No information on its profitability has yet been published, but it is suspected that it must be extremely profitable. The best known of the games it organizes is a lottery, the so-called “Wheel of Fortune”, which has counters in all the capitals.

In 2602 the Brotherhood made profound reforms to the lottery. It sets up on the southern border of the void, with the cooperation of the Shadow Runners (they are famous tamers), a breeding ground for Gubanis The camp was inaugurated on Quinteth, Folially 29, 2nd AC 2602 [1], on the occasion of the New Year[2]. During this event, the company introduced a significant number of new features to the lottery that make it more attractive: a greater variety of tokens, more user-friendly access and many new prizes. Among these were:

    • Gubani mounts, from its own farm in Void,
    • pets, the zigs, gubanis or frippos,
    • light clothing [3] and underwear,
    • a wide variety of potions and more outpost flowers,
    • new plush toys,
    • wigs,
    • generic raw materials,
    • and new games such as bymgo or “pay to win” scratch cards.


Ba'Arppy Garren (Pyr).png Ba'Dardan Garnan (Zora).png Ba'Duffy Baxan (Fairhaven).png
Ba'Arppy Garren (Pyr) Ba'Dardan Garnan (Zora) Ba'Duffy Baxan (Fairhaven)
Ba'Gan Effxy (Yrkanis).png Ba'Lekry Dassie (Almati wood).png Ba'Roppy Allan (Marauder Arena).png
Ba'Gan Effxy (Yrkanis) Ba'Lekry Dassie (Almati Wood) Ba'Roppy Allan (Marauder Arena)
O'duny Shazzy (Silan, Ranger Camp).png
O'duny Shazzy (Silan, Ranger Camp)
Fortunate Gubani guild icon.png

Brotherhood's Taming Camp in Void.png
Localisation A view the taming camp.

  1. February 26th 2019
  2. EVENTS" [Event for all] Festivities for the New Year JY 2602
  3. refugee outfits, shimmering colours

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