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The category Guilds includes all guilds on the English wiki.

To get information about active guilds in game, see http://beta.kdyne.net/rygreg/STABLE/rygreg/?sekce=filter
Using filter, you can get by faction and language (EN, FR, DE, empty...) several lists. For ex: ranger, kami...

As a general rule (i.e. unless otherwise stated), guild pages are named: Guild:<guild name>.

Those that are historical, related to the legend of Atys, or those that are managed by Team Ryzom (animators, CSR...) are classified in the Special Guilds category.

The subcategories allow to classify these guilds into:

  • Location: location with or without national allegiance. [1]
  • Nation: allegiance [2] to nations or not (stateless, hostile or neutral).
  • Religion or faction: allegiance to the kami, karavan, schisms, without religion (hostile or neutral).

There are also[[[ Guilds apps| tools to find information about guilds]]]. Note: Link to a page on "apps" about guilds.

Below are some of the more popular guilds in operation throughout Atys:

Please note that this is just an alphabetised list of all guilds. For an organised list, including filtering for faction, civilisation, activity, and server, see Guilds.

  1. HRP:Place of the Guild Hall. May influence national decision-making.
  2. HRP:Allegiance is "gameplay" and requires the passage of a rite.


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