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Amicitia means friendship. Our purpose is to have fun and support each other as a happy family. Like a family, we care for each other regardless of faction, politics, or play style. We play with open minds and hearts, sharing with each other, protecting each other, and helping each other.

We are happy to team up with anyone of like mind. We are not concerned about your guild or faction membership, or who your other friends are. We hope to build friendships around us to the point where we stop being viewed as a "guild" but are viewed as everyone's "friends".

We are neutral in spirit and in politics. Our members are free to play in any way they want, from quiet diggers to brazen PvP fighters to single-minded mission runners, or any combination. Our members are free to choose any side in battle, or to refrain from any battle. We always remember that battle is for fun and challenge, and all homins are resurrected at the end. If any conflict loses sight of those principles, we will not take part.

We welcome as members all friends, regardless of religious or political leanings. However, because we wish to use teleporters in challenging areas, we have chosen to align, at least nominally, with the Karavan. We are happy to welcome neutral alts of Kami aligned homins. If a homin wishes to be more associated with the Kami, we will do all we can to accommodate that wish. We hope that someday we can fully welcome all homins regardless of faction alignment.

Amicitia is a home for any homin, young or old, rich or poor, skilled or learning, main or alt. If you need a rest from conflicts and strife and divisiveness, if you need a refuge of peace and support, for a day, a year, or a lifetime, you seek Amicitia.

General Information



  • Leader: Meagon
  • High Officers:
    • Sasi
    • Frivolous
    • Iala
    • Phormagos
  • Officers:
    • Axiondara
    • Crystalsun
    • Tesni