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Region: Liberty Lake
Continent: Aeden Aqueous
Available quality: 100
Altar: Kami and Karavan
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Fairhaven is the capital of the Tryker people, located in the south of the Lakelands region Liberty Lake.


Fairhaven was founded in 2483 right after the Tryker first appeared in Aeden Aqueous. The first foundations of Fairhaven were laid in an area of Liberty Lake that scouts found to be particularly rich in resources.

Fairhaven has remained as the capital of the Tryker and the center from which they oppose their influence on the lakelands ever since. It is almost completely surrounded by water, which has served as a great defence against the invasions by kitin and Marauders that the city has survived over the years.


The city of Fairhaven consists of a series of platforms floating in the water, connected by board-walks. Only two of the platforms have board-walks connecting them to land.

All platforms and all board-walks have names, though the platforms have most of the interesting things:

  • Fairmarket Fork: The platform connected to the main gate of Fairhaven and thus the one most visitors will see first. Fairmarket Fork holds the market that sells up to quality 50, a bar, a tourist guide, the wheel of fortune, the Federal Merchant, a corporal and a messenger and a supplier, and the Federal Magistrate who grants Tryker citizenship.
  • Land's End: The northernmost platform, connected to Fairmarket Fork via Bell Lane. Land's End holds the cosmetics shops, some trainers, and some guild halls.
  • Windy Head: The westernmost platform, connected to Fairmarket Fork via Rigan Road. Windy Head holds some apartments, the overseers of the city, and a jewel merchant who sells up to quality 50.
  • Council Chamber Square: The central platform of the city, connected to 4 other platforms. Council Chamber Square holds the Sage and the Intendant, some trainers, the Guild Clerk where new guilds can be created and the Guild Magistrate where guilds can be granted Tryker allegiance. This platform also holds a look-out tower that oversees the entire city.
  • Hartley Point: The southwestern platform, connected to Council Chamber Square via Hartley's Way. Hartley Point holds some guild halls and a messenger.
  • Eastmarket: The eastern platform, connected to Council Chamber Square via Eastmarket Walk and to Frogmore Place via Hobelen Walk. Eastmarket holds the market that sells up to quality 100, another bar, a corporal and a supplier.
  • Frogmore Place: The platform connected to the back gate of Fairhaven. Frogmore Place holds a tourist guide, a jewel merchant who sells up to quality 100, and the ambassadors for all the other homin races. This platform also holds a terrace where meetings are often held.
  • Loria's Rise: The southernmost platform, connected to Frogmore Place via Frogmore Lane. Loria's Rise holds some apartments, some trainers, a corporal, and a throne that doesn't see much use.

Furthermore, the peninsula of land in front of the main gate holds the stables, the Karavan altar, the master Water-Carrier, the city welcomer, the outpost plan trainers, the Ring Terminal, and the Kitin Observer.

The peninsula of land in front of the back gate holds the Guard chief and the master Larvester.


As one of the 4 capitals, Fairhaven is home to many. This is a list of many of the more notable denizens. This list can also be found at NPCs of Aeden Aqueous#Fairhaven

Ki Nai-Da
Ulycus Lyseus
Viccia Lido
Apprentice Overseers
Ba'caussey Jidgen
Mac'Nary Aeddan
Ba'dughan Lipsie
Ba'Naer Liffan
Big Trepan Crafter
Senn Mac'Carn
Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani
Ba'Duffy Baxan
City Welcomer
Be'Darins Aeddan
Ba'Neppy Dirmy
Ba'Reiliam Derren
O'Darghan Garmer
Crafter Trainers
Ba'Laupsey Eksie
Be'laury Dirmy
Mac'Jorn Breggan
Federal Magistrate
Jedan Mac'Bregall
Federal Merchant
Mac'Laury Lixie
Fighter Trainers
Be'Ledacan Hathy
Mac'doyghan Garmer
O'Darghan Brammy
Guard Chief
Mac'Cautty Deppan
Guild Apartment Caretakers
Ba'duffy Brermen
Be'Nan Eksie
Mac'Wiley Eksie
O'arpsey Keffan
Guild Clerk
Ba'Gan Jidgen
Guild Federal Magistrate
Olfye Be'Naupsey
Ba'mapsey Gaxy
Ba'Reiliam Cauins
Harvester Trainers
Ba'nakry Breggan
Ba'Reiliam Baxy
Be'laury Echen
Heavy Armor Merchants
Ba'Roley Dachan
Mac'Dughan Lipsie
Homin Apartment Caretaker
Be'Riplan Lipsen
Mac'doyghan Breggan
Mac'Dughan Hathy
Mac'Leigan Eksie
Ba'nakry Baxy
Jewel Merchants
Ba'Dardan Lipsen
Ba'Neppy Kealey
Fairhaven Karavan Officer
Liberty Lake Karavan Welcomer
Light Armor Merchants
Mac'Arlly Lipsie
O'Arty Diksan
Local Messengers
Ba'caussey Aeddan
Be'teghan Breggie
Local Suppliers
Ba'Dardan Breggie
Ba'Reiliam Canan
Lodge Master
Maevor Krell
Magician Trainers
Be'Riplan Artan
Be'teghan Lipsen
Mac'Cautty Codgan
Master Larvester
Alin Ba'Creusey
Master Water-Carrier
Be'Sheppy Ezzy
Medium Armor Merchants
Be'Doyley Lixie
Mac'Cautty Brammy
Melee Weapon Merchants
Mac'Arlly Eoppie
Mac'Darssey Effer
Mac'Wiley Cothan
Mac'Wiley Diksan
Range Weapon Merchants
Ba'Wity Echen
O'Biroy Gaxy
Raw Materials Merchants
Ba'Laupsey Lixie
Be'Marrell Achen
Mac'Leigan Lixie
Restoration Specialist
Be'Marrell Gedden
Stable Boy
O'Cauty Eoppie
Ba'Nakry Jorkry
Mac'Laughan Darra
Tool Merchants
Ba'Roley Deppan
Be'Reier Breggan
Mac'Cautty Ganan
Tree-Bore Crafter
Jirina Cevino
Tryker Representative
Ba'Darins Baksan
Kitin Observer of the South
Ring Technician
Fairhaven Tourist Guides

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Notes: (Leda, 2021-10-12)

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