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Tribes of Atys
The Beachcombers Camp
Race(s): Tryker, Zoraï
Religion: Kami
Camp Location: Enchanted Isle (map)

The Beachcombers are a solitary tribe of Tryker and Zoraï following the Kami. They mostly stick to themselves in their corner of Enchanted Isle, and although they do not consider anyone their enemies and will welcome visitors of any race into their camp, they have no particularly strong ties to any of the races or governments either.


On Leanon the Beachcombers are known as the "Wavewalkers", and on Aniro simply as the "Waves".

It is perhaps worthy of note that Ba-Ben Len, the tribe chief of the Beachcombers, is a member of the Tryker Taliari. This suggests that the Beachcombers are an official Tryker citizen tribe, just like the Corsairs and the Silt Sculptors, despite the fact that unlike those two tribes the Beachcombers aren't particularly strong allies of the Tryker federation.


  • Starting fame:
Fyros -16
Matis +16
Tryker +33
Zoraï +50

Tribe Members

Ba-Ben Len, Tribe Chief of the Beach Combers


  • Tribe Chief : Ba-Ben Len
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Mac'Doyghan Eksie
  • Tribe Welcomer : Cai-Ci Gei
  • Outlands Supplier : Be'Toolly Codgan
  • Master Overseer : Kai-Feo Len
  • Ambassador : Beachcombers Kami Ambassador
  • Master Guards : 6

Wandering the region

  • Hunter : Be'Reier Gaxy
  • Prospector : She-Jua Liangi


  • Scout : Kungi Ma-Seng
  • Journeyman : Be'Nan Aeddan


  • Pants, Vest & Sleeves : White
  • Boots & Gloves : Turquoise
  • Hair : Pink (Tryker), Auburn (Zoraï)

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