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Amber: Tribes of Atys
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Silt Sculptors
Sub-continent Aeden Aqueous
Region Winds of Muse
Race(s) Tryker
Faction Karavan
Be'Keeer Breggan, Tribe Chief.
Notables see § Tribe Members ᐌ


The Silt Sculptors are a peaceful crafting tribe of Tryker based in the Winds of Muse. They follow the Karavan and are important allies of the Tryker federation, and they will gladly welcome anyone with peaceful intentions into their camp. The Silt Sculptors are known to be some of the finest crafters the Tryker have to offer, and they played a key role in the reopening of the outposts and the construction of the great drills across Atys.

The craft industry of the outposts relies on the use of materials processed by the Powers' drills, both Kami and Karavan, with the aim of making weapons and tool with remarkable properties. It was invented by the Tryker Silt Sculpture tribe several decades ago, when the outposts first appeared and trade began to develop.

My guild is made up of homins from all the peoples. It is run by a Grand Lodge of master craftsmen. Our current spokesperson is Master Seadun Mac'Dolen. He is the son of a former Silt Sculptor who left the isolation of the Winds of Muse to live within the Tryker federation.

— As told by the Lodge Masters in the capitals.

Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Be'Keeer Breggan
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Be'Laury Lipsie
  • Tribe Welcomer : Ba'Caussey Deppan
  • Frontier Supplier : Be'Riplan Kedgy
  • Overseer : Mac'Cautty Jichy
  • Strong Guards : 17


  • Ambassador : Silt Sculptors Karavan Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Patroller : Ba'Neppy Machen
  • Hunter : Be'Teghan Gedden


  • Prospector : Be'Keeer Baksan
  • Journeyman : Ba'Naer Eskan Loriagate Border Post


  • Boots, Pants & Vest : Beige
  • Sleeves & Gloves : Blue
  • Hair : Blond (Tryker)


  • Allies : Tryker
  • People's Default Fame:
Fyros 0
Matis +33
Tryker +50
Zoraï 0

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  • Windway Workshop - The outpost where the Silt Sculptors learned to use the new materials.

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