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Amber: Tribes of Atys

Sub-continent Aeden Aqueous
Region Liberty Lake
Race(s) Tryker
Faction Kami
Ba'Nakry Codgan, Tribe Chief
Notables see § Tribe Members ᐌ
Friends Trykers


The Corsairs are a brazen tribe of Tryker based in Liberty Lake. Though they are fiercely loyal to the Tryker nation, the Corsairs have a rebellious side that shows in their rejection of the Karavan and allegiance to the Kami, as well as in the fact that they only barely tolerate the other homin races. Still, they allow homins of any race to visit their camp.

Nothing will put the breeze up these unruly but brave battlers who are always ready to attack foreign enemy convoys under the slightest pretext. The authorities of Fairhaven have no interest in curbing the Corsairs' keenness for action, and leave them a loose rein. They are, after all, loyal partisans trained to play a preponderant role in warfare. Many a Tryker has been a Corsair in his or her younger days in order to learn the art of combat, the most illustrious being Still Wyler, the great Governor. Once the fervor of youth has abated, however, Trykers generally prefer to turn to less violent activities.

The area of Liberty Lake and Dew Drops explored and made relatively safe.
Exploration of Winds of Muse, outposts set up. The Corsairs, an ancient tribe, is reformed to patrol Liberty Lake area for signs of kitins.

from Tryker History, the New Beginning'

Apparently the Corsairs were around in the Old Lands but did not survive the Great Swarming. However the new Tryker federation reinstated the Corsairs as part of their efforts to secure the lakelands quickly after they settled in Liberty Lake.

Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Ba'Nakry Codgan
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Be'Lauppy Gaxy
  • Tribe Welcomer : Be'Yle Codgan
  • Local Supplier : Be'Toolly Brermen
  • Apprentice Overseer : Be'Nan Codgan
  • Regular Guards : 12


  • Ambassador : Corsairs Kami Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Prospector : O'Arpsey Kedgy
  • Hunter : Be'Riplan Jichy


  • Patroller : Be'Keeer Breggie (Avendale, Crystabell, Fairhaven, Windermeer)

Well Known Members

  • Still Wyler (deceased), former Corsair Chief and former New Trykoth Governor.
  • Rhiana Wyler, widow of Still Wyler.
  • Winneth Wyler, second daughter of Still Wyler and Rhiana, wife of Bremmen Codgan
  • Ba'Nakry Codgan, actual tribe chief.
  • Bremmen Codgan, son of Ba'Nakry Codgan, husband of Winneth Wyler.
  • Still Codgan, eldest son of Bremmen Codgan and Winneth Wyler.
  • Wran Mac'Rethy
  • Pardy Gaffy
  • Rilly Mac'Massey
  • Malan O'Shery
  • Darry O'Dren
  • Roskie Ba'Lossey


  • Boots, Vest & Gloves : Red
  • Pants & Sleeves : Blue
  • Hair : Light Green (Tryker)


  • Allies : Tryker
  • People's Default Fame:
Fyros -33
Matis -33
Tryker +50
Zoraï -33


The Corsairs' Tribe is one of the original Trykoth Tribes. It is made up of young Trykers who fighters that nothing seems to frighten, and the Tribe protects the Lakes as much as it engages in robberies and ambushes on foreign convoys.

The Corsairs have always remained on the fringes of Tryker society, preferring a warrior way of life to the carelessness and idleness of the Tryker People. Many Trykers were actually among the Corsairs at a young age, in order to learn the basics of combat. But once the enthusiasm of the youth has calmed down, the Trykers prefer to turn to less violent activities.

In 2484, when the Tryker people settled in Aeden Aqueous after the first Exodus, the Corsairs' Tribe was reconstituted. When the New Trykoth Federation was created, the Corsairs preferred to stay away, not seeing the need to join this group. They settled in Liberty Lake, basing their camp west of Fairhaven. We can meet their patrols throughout Aeden Aqueous.

The Fairhaven authorities have no interest in restraining the Corsairs' need for action and therefore leave them free to do so. They are, after all, loyal supporters and play a leading role in wars. The Federation has often used them in recent decades as mercenaries. The Corsairs maintained excellent relations with the Trykers, although they considered them a little sluggish.

Since the last conflict in which the Tribe took part, the Federation has owed it large sums of money. The Corsairs therefore decided to pay themselves. They therefore engage in various abuses, but do not openly attack travellers. They are impatiently waiting for the Tryker people to enter a new war.

Tryker hero Still Wyler first met the Corsairs when they rescued him as a child from the hands of the Slavers. He joined the Tribe before taking the lead in 2496. When the Tryker people elected him Governor of New Trykoth, he was replaced by Ba'Nakry Codgan as Chief of Corsairs.


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