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Amber: Tribes of Atys
Tribe logo

The Slaver's camp ᐉ
Sub-continent Aeden Aqueous
Region Bounty Beaches
Race(s) Matis, Fyros
Faction Karavan
Captured Tryker slaves held inside the Slavers camp
Notables See Tribe Members
Friends Fyros, Matis
Enemies Trykers


    The Slavers are a dangerous tribe of Matis and Fyros operating in Bounty Beaches, capturing unlucky Tryker to sell into slavery. Trykers are advised to stay away from their camp as they are likely to be attacked on sight. The Slavers prey solely on Tryker however, and other races can safely enter their camp. Unsurprisingly, the Tryker government considers the Slavers to be enemies of the state. The Slavers follow the Karavan.
    The Slavers' camp is located in Aeden Aqueous, in Bounty Beaches region, near a Karavan altar.

Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Plerus Pelorus
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Liera Rosizzo
  • Tribe Welcomer : Diolus Mekops
  • Outlands Supplier : Piera Cinti
  • Master Overseer : Abylaus Lyseus
  • Master Guards : 18
  • Tryker Slaves : 3


  • Ambassador : Slavers Karavan Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Hunter : Ibikos Mekops
  • Prospector : Chiachi Freri


  • Scout : Cean Krinn
  • Journeyman : Aniche Anidera


  • Boots, Vest, Sleeves & Gloves : Black
  • Pants : Turquoise
  • Hair : Blond (Matis), Blond (Fyros)

    Matis Slavers wear Modi Parok, Modi Wiva or Kara Wiva armor. The Fyros Slavers, onthe other side, wear kostomus or hobenus armors.
    Matis Slavers are armed with large Kara Slathe swords, Kara Limmel daggers or Kara Polta rifles. Fyros Slavers wear the large retchyx axe, strammelyx rifle or krinkyx spear associated with the blokyx buckler.


    Even if the Kingdom no longer officially practices slavery, many of the Tribe's customers are Matis. The Slavers therefore consider them with great kindness.
    They also look favourably on the repulsion of the Fyros for any form of weakness. In their view, this position is in line with their Tribe's view that Trykers are the ideal prey for the slave trade.
    The Zoraï briefly authorized slavery on their lands during the reign of Fung-Tun. This opportunity is over and the Tribe has lost all interest in the masked people.
    The Kamis seem indifferent to the slave condition but they prevent the Slavers from exploiting the resources of the region as much as they would like.
    The Karavan ignores the Tribe's traffic, fearing that the Tribe could turn to the Kamis. The raw materials provided by the Slavers certainly help it to tolerate their terrible practices.

  • Enemies : Tryker
  • People's Default Fame:
Fyros +16
Matis +50
Tryker -66
Zoraï 0


    Shortly after the homins emerged from the Prime Roots, a few years after the Great Swarming, a band of Matis took over a Tryker enslavement activity, secretly providing some former families of the Matis aristocracy. Fyros, attracted by the loot and the warrior lifestyle of the gang, joined their ranks to form the Slavers tribe. They settled in Aeden Aqueous at the same time as the very young New Trykoth Federation, serving themselves directly among the first Trykers explorers.
    Since then, and despite repeated raids by the Corsairs, the tribe has continued to capture careless travellers, and provides some tribes, as well as some discreet Matis and Zoraïs, with cheap and servile labour force or involuntary guinea pigs for unaccountable experiments. Slavers also trade in jewellery taken from the cutes they massacre in large numbers.
With many discreet intermediaries for their activities throughout the New Lands and a wealth capable of buying any unscrupulous character, the tribe has no trouble selling its homine merchandise.
    Officially, the Slavers' tribe is poorly perceived by most homins and no People enter into open relations with it; but the wealth of the tribe and some powerful friendships ensure it a certain tranquility in its businesses. If officially the Matis Royalty condemns slavery, the tribe finds many allies among the Matis for whom these practices are natural, a manifestation of the hold of the strong over the weak. The most conservative of the inhabitants of the Woodland Kingdom still call the Trykers "the inferior people". The tribe also has parents from some Matis families. If the king Yrkanis has officially banned all trade with Slavers, in the name of respect for the Homin Rights Act, the tribe is in fact quite well perceived by a part of the population of the Verdant Heights.
    On the other hand, the Slavers tribe is unanimously hated by all Trykers, and none of the most unscrupulous lake dwellers would agree to trade with it. The Federation of New Trykoth has been trying since the New Beginning to banish the Aeden Aqueous tribe, and the Corsairs have been fighting them mercilessly, destroying the camp and wiping out all its occupants regularly with the sword. But the Slaveryists were able to ally themselves with a certain permissiveness from the Karavan, which tolerates their actions out of fear that the tribe would turn to the Kamis. So the Slavers used the services of Karavan to resurrect and rebuild their camp soon after the Corsairs left. In turn, they hate the Tryker People and do everything in their power to fight the New Trykoth Federation while patiently undermining the construction of a strong Tryker state as soon as they have the opportunity.
    The presence of the Slavers in Aeden Aqueous is also fought by the tribe of Lagoon Brothers who almost systematically attack them, taking advantage of the presence of homin merchants to justify their exacerbated violence. Since its refuge under the Bark, the tribe of the Cockroaches is certainly the one who hates Slavers the most, as much as it fears them. Consisting of former slaves of the tribe who managed to tear themselves away from their claws by sinking into the Prime Roots, the Cockroaches vowed considerable hatred to their former executioners, killing anyone who could pose a threat to their freedom, and imagining a member of the Slavers' tribe behind each homin.
    Some famous homins fell into the hands of the Slavers at one point in their lives. The most famous of them is Still Wyler, the former Governor of New Trykoth. In 2487, when he was only a young orphan, the one who was to become a legendary privateer inadvertently entered a ragus lair and was eventually saved only to fall into the hands of the Slavers' tribe. He was rescued a year later by a raid from the Corsairs' tribe on the camp of his captors who fled by abandoning him. Rosen Ba'Darins was also for many years among the tribe's slaves in the years following the Great Swarming.


2486 :
Reconstitution of the Slavers' Tribe in Aeden Aqueous. The Matis who make up the Tribe were soon joined by Fyros attracted by the lure of raids and loot.
2487 :
The Slavers' Tribe captures the young orphan Still Wyler while the latter has fallen into a ragus den. He remained in captivity among their slaves for a whole year.
2488 :
During a raid by the Raiders against their tribe, the Slavers abandoned one of their slaves behind them. It's Still Wyler. The orphan, freed from slavery, promised himself to one day become the chief of the Corsairs' Tribe.
2493 :
Twintops Workshop Scandal - The Tryker craftsman at the head of the Twintops Workshop is reported for having amassed his incredible wealth thanks to his close collaboration with the Slavers' Tribe. He was dispossessed of his workshop and it became the property of Federal Affairs before being abandoned.
2504 :
Slavery legalized in the Witherings during the two years of Fung-Tun's reign. The latter wanted to facilitate the settlement in the Jungle of the Hamazans of the Dead Seed and their slaves.

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