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Hamazans of the Dead Seed
Sub-continent Witherings
Region Maiden Grove
Race(s) Matis (female only)
Faction Kami
Tinaera Rosirello, Tribe Chief of the Hamazans of the Dead Seed
Notables see § Tribe Members
Enemies Trykers have a negative fame with them


The Hamazans of the Dead Seed are a peacefull all-female tribe of Matis whose camp is located near Maiden Pond in Maiden Grove. They follow the Kami and despite their obvious militaristic focus are friendly to homins of all races, offering their camp as a shelter to all. The Hamazans share the region with the tribe of the Shadow Runners, who used to be their slaves long ago, though today the two tribes coexist peacefully.
Excerpt from "Zoraï History, the New Beginning''":

Hamazans of the Dead Seed tribe first implemented in Witherings to combat goo worshippers.
Slavery accepted on continent of Witherings to combat the goo.

It is not precisely clear whether the Hamazans of the Dead Seed were founded at this time or merely brought to the Witherings, but whichever it was, it was likely a reaction to the Master of the Goo tribe being founded a year earlier. And it happened shortly after Fung-Tun became the leader of the Zoraï, and if he didn't have a hand in installing the Hamazans of the Dead Seed, he certainly was responsible for allowing them to keep slaves.

Tribe Members

Chief Tinarea Rosirello


  • Tribe Chief : Tinaera Rosirello
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Liera Rosti
  • Tribe Welcomer : Girgia Sisti
  • Frontier Supplier : Liera Rozzo
  • Overseer : Girgia Sisi
  • Strong Guards : 32


  • Ambassador : Hamazans of the Dead Seed Kami Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Hunter : Miaera Antolli
  • Prospector : Chiaera Rosisi


  • Patroller : Hon Ma-Seng


  • Boots, Vest & Gloves : Red
  • Pants & Sleeves : Green
  • Hair : Aubum (Matis)


  • Peoples' fame:
Fyros 0
Matis +50
Tryker -16
Zoraï +33


  • 2431 - Young Matis homines from Karavia manage to escape from the Holy City occupied by the Empire. Imagining themselves triumphant when they returned to their families, they quickly became disillusioned with the stigma attached to their appearance and ideas. They became fugitives and formed a group of rebel Matis warriors: the Hamazans. These homins find in this new way of life a way to emancipate themselves from the patriarchal stranglehold that governs the Matis Kingdom.
  • 2434 - The Battle of Thormes pitted the royal troops, led by Duke Gioni di Tylini, against the Hamazans. They are defeated and subjugated. By integrating the Kingdom, they generate a revolution in morals. Their beliefs are not the cause but their unprecedented status as female homin warriors instead .
  • 2435 - The Hamazans formed the first female contingent of Mektoubiers fighters, during the capture of Karavia and the invasion of Trykoth. They stand out for their skill and enslave many Trykers, all males.
  • 2481 - The Great Swarming leads the surviving Amazons to meet Zorai among the refugees of the root premiums. Upon contact with them, the Amazons convert to Jenaiac Kamism.
  • 2486 - Loss of influence of the Hamazans to the newly created Karavia Guild Guild of Karavia.
  • 2499 - The Autumn War: The Matis Hamazan fight in Yasson's army to conquer the Lagoons of Loria.
  • 2504 - Jinovitch condemns the Hamazans to banishment for heresy. Formation of the Hamazans of the Dead Seed Tribe. The Great Fung-Tun Mask re-establishes Jenaist Kamism as the official religion of the Zorai people and facilitates the settlement of Hamazans in Maiden Grove by legislating to allow them to continue their slavery practices. He uses them as mercenaries to fight against the Masters of the Goo.
  • 2505 - During a raid by the Masters of the Goo on the camp of the Hamazans' tribe, their slaves fled with weapons and mektoubs and hid in the bushes of the Jungle. They founded their own tribe : the Shadow Runners.
  • 2506 - The Hamazans managed to push the Masters of the Goo out of Maiden Grove. Mabreka Cho became a Great Mask and ended the agreement between the Theocracy and the Hamazans, but the latter decided to keep control ofn their region.
  • 2507 - The Black Circle, a new tribe of the Grove, occasionally offers itself the services of Hamazans mercenaries to escort their convoys.
  • 2509 - Yrkanis and his disciples find refuge in Witherings. The Hamazans of the Dead Seed met the Prince and expressed their wish that he would stop the persecutions.
  • 2512 - Yrkanis hires the Hamazans to fight under his banner against Jinovitch's troops in the Jino Waters lake region.

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