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Goo Heads
Sub-continent Witherings
Region Knot of Dementia
Race(s) Multiracial
Faction Karavan
Gicha Cirinia, Tribe Chief.
Notables see § Tribe Members ᐌ
Enemies Zoraï


The Goo Heads [1] are one of the tribes studying the Goo, doing so from their base in northern Knot of Dementia. They are made up of homins from all 4 races. Like all tribes studying the Goo, they follow the Karavan and are at odds with the Zoraï government, which makes their camp dangerous to enter for any Kami disciples or Zoraï.

There is an expedition of Goo Heads Looters present on Silan, led by Arken, to loot the ruins of the city. Unlike the Goo Heads in Knot of Dementia, these Looters act like common bandits who attack anyone on sight, and killing them will not cost you any fame with the Goo Heads tribe.

Tribe Members

Chief Gicha Cirinia


  • Tribe Chief : Gicha Cirinia
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Be'Toolly Eksie
  • Tribe Welcomer : Pei-Jeng Fuangi
  • Outlands Supplier : Piera Ciochini
  • Master Overseer : Mac'Darssey Codgan
  • Master Guards : 10


  • Ambassador : Goo Heads Karavan Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Hunter : Cenis Eubus
  • Prospector : Cibre Frello


  • Scout : Robre Cuirello
  • Journeyman : Apollo Abygrian


  • Pants, Vest & Sleeves : Purple
  • Boots & Gloves : Beige
  • Hair : Black (Matis), Black (Fyros), Dark Green (Tryker), Violet (Zoraï)


  • Enemies : Zoraï
  • People's Default Fame:
Fyros 0
Matis +16
Tryker -16
Zoraï -66

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  1. On Leanon, the Goo Heads are known as the "Enlightened of the Goo", and on Aniro, simply as the "Enlightened".

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