Knot of Dementia

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de:Knoten der Demenz
en:Knot of Dementia
es:Nodo de la Demencia
fr:Noeud de la Démence
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Geographical Amber
Knot of Dementia
KoDjungle map.jpg
Sub-Continent Witherings
Region Level 150 - 200
Neutral Altar Kami and Karavan
Area 4.04 km²

This area is situated between The Great Outback, Cities of Intuition, and Haven of Purity, an entrance to the Prime Roots can be found near the center of the region. The entire northern and southern borders of this area has been turn uninhabitable due to the expansion of Goo.

Fauna and Flora


Highland Impasse


A basin located in the southern most tip of Knot of Dementia. The basin, is quite large and has an exit leading into Jen-Laï. There is a tower located on the western border of Hopedell, which was constructed during a Kitin invasion not too long ago.


The Great Outback

This area is located on the west side of Witherings and a true subregion of Knot of Dementia. Unlike the rest of Witherings it is completely desert and not jungle. This area also contains the portal that leads to the Dunes of Exile in the Burning Desert.



A lair of Kitin can be found here. A popular location for those who wish to harvest Kitin Larvae or just seek their death.

Stainmoor Gate

Stainmoor Gate is a rather large hole located at the center of the region, it has a winding path leading down to a portal which will transport a homin deep into the Under Spring.

Panorama at the Gateway to the Stainmoor Gate


Settling Groups

Bandit Camps


Notable NPCs

Ba'Neppy Dappan
Kungi Qi-Quang
Pecho Cuibi
Cenix Eubus
Apollo Abygrian
Hon Ke-Piang
Cibre Frello
Tei-Woo Ciai
Pa-Sang Geoi
Robre Cuirello

Witherings Regions
Cities of Intuition Grove of Umbra Haven of Purity Knot of Dementia Maiden Grove Void