Great Outback Workshop

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de:Werkstatt des Großen Buschlandes
es:Taller Gran Despoblado
fr:Poste Frontière Ouest de la Combustion
ru:Мастерская Великая Целина
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Outpost Amber
Great Outback Workshop
Region Knot of Dementia
Mat. Rubbarn Gum
Flower Metabolism


The outpost's activity was developed in the desert region of the Knot of Dementia by Cardarus Vekian, a Fyros gunsmith. The absence of excessive vegetation enabled the artisan to use his people's manufacturing techniques, which are based on the use of fire, without the risk of starting a blaze. Though wary at first, the traders of Zora ended up taking and interest in the Fyros' work. Vekian became a renowned craftsman throughout the Witherings and many Zorai warriors were proud to bear weapons from his forge.

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