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Region: Cities of Intuition
Continent: Witherings
Available quality: 100
Altar: Kami and Karavan

Zora is the capital city of the Zoraï people. The city is located in the thick goo infested jungles, called The Witherings. The city was built after the homins emerged above the ground again, and was named after their long lost capital city, Zoran.

The city provides many services and is where apartments in the Zoraï jungles can be purchased. Within the city is also a Kami Altar, with its Karavan counterpart just outside the boundaries of Zora.


Zora was founded in 2483 right after the Zoraï first appeared in the Witherings. The great Zoraï sage, Fung-Tun, directed the Zoraï leader, Hoi-Cho, to a place of high magnetism where the capital city was founded. It's named Zora in memory of the multitudes who died in Zoran, the devastated capital of the old lands. Leaving out the defensive walls which prevented Zoraï from escaping the kitin during the invasion of Zoran, Zora is instead built in hollows in the bark to allow for better defence in anticipation of kitin attack.

Zora has remained as the capital of the Zoraï and the center from which they oppose their influence on the Witherings ever since. Though it lies in the Cities of Intuition region, it immediately borders the Haven of Purity and Knot of Dementia regions as well.


As seen on the right, the city of Zora is roughly in the shape of a square, though natural walls in the bark separate the northwestern parts of the city from the southeastern parts. The city is split up in six districts:

  • Goo Chase District : The southeastern part of the city, including the main gate to Cities of Intuition. Goo Chase District holds the stables, the Kami altar, the city welcomer and tourist guide, the bar, the Ring terminal, the wheel of fortune, some trainers, a corporal and an overseer.
  • Highmart District : The southern part of the city, including the Zora city hall. Highmart District also holds the market selling up to quality 50, the Dynastic Merchant, a corporal and a messenger. The city hall in this district contains the ambassadors for all the other homin races, the Intendant, the Guild Clerk where new guilds can be created, and the Dynastic Magistrates who grant Zoraï citizenship.
  • Temple Hall District : The central part of the city, and the part with the most activity. Temple Hall District holds the Temple Hall where meetings are often held, as well as the market that sells up to quality 100, the cosmetics shops, some apartments, the Kitin Observer, the Sage, the suppliers, a corporal and an overseer.
  • Daïsha Estate : The northeastern part of the city, which has some city gates leading to Haven of Purity. Daïsha Estate also holds the master Medic, a tourist guide, some apartments, and a pretty building with a fountain and a Kami Master inside.
  • Win-Cho Estate : The northwestern part of the city, which has some city gates leading to Knot of Dementia. Win-Cho Estate also holds the master Magnetic Cartographer, the outpost plan trainers, some guild halls, some trainers, a jewel merchant selling up to quality 100 and a tourist guide.
  • West Hollow District : The southwestern part of the city, and probably the most isolated district. West Hollow District holds some guild halls and a jewel merchant selling up to quality 50, and not much else.

  • Cemetery District : The seventh district isn't inside the city itself, but can only be accessed through the city. It lies east from the Goo Chase district and holds the city's cemetery.

City Residents

  • Ambassador :Be'Darins Breggie
  • Ambassador :Vara Frechini
  • Ambassador :Xyrius Zessen
  • Apprentice Overseer :Liangi Vo-Nuang
  • Apprentice Overseer :Nai-Da Fuangi
  • Barman :Fai-Cu Fung
  • Big Trepan Crafter :Tanan Be'Ledorn
  • Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani :Be'Dardan Garnan
  • City Welcomer :Sai-Ju Fuangi
  • Corporal :Hon Sai-Fuang
  • Corporal :Mi Pa-Sang
  • Corporal :Shuai-Nang Ciai
  • Crafter Trainer:Fung Bai-Kung
  • Crafter Trainer:Pu-Fu Vang
  • Dynastic Magistrate : Liao Fa-Ling
  • Dynastic Merchant: Tao Ne-Tao
  • Female Hairdresser :chochoi
  • Female Tattooer :Cai-Ci Vang
  • Fighter Trainer:Hiai-Kang Hon
  • Fighter Trainer :Tao Nai-Da
  • Guard Chief :Shuai-Chon Vao
  • Guild Apartment Caretaker :Dai-Fan Luoi
  • Guild Apartment Caretaker :Kei-Yao Din
  • Guild Apartment Caretaker :La-Viang Cuo
  • Guild Apartment Caretaker :Sai-Ju Dao
  • Guild Apartment Caretaker :She-Jua Len
  • Guild Apartment Caretaker :Shuai-Nang Len
  • Guild Clerk :Fuan Shu-Quan
  • Guild Dynastic Magistrate : Onaru Wu-Seng
  • Harvester Trainer:Hiang Vo-Nuang
  • Harvester Trainer:Shuai-Chon Ki
  • Heavy Armor Merchant :Fung Nai-Da
  • Heavy Armor Merchant :Vang La-Po
  • Homin Apartment Caretaker :Dai-Fan Liangi
  • Homin Apartment Caretaker :Gai-Guan Len
  • Homin Apartment Caretaker :La-Viang Chi
  • Homin Apartment Caretaker :Qu-Bin Bian
  • Homin Apartment Caretaker :Sai-Ju Din
  • Homin Apartment Caretaker :Shuai-Nang Biani
  • Intendant :La-Po Len
  • Jewel Merchant :Pei-Jeng Fuan
  • Jewel Merchant :Xo-Yuang Biani
  • Light Armor Merchant :Chaoi Zai-Suo
  • Light Armor Merchant :Tao Ba-Ben
  • Local Messenger :Ki Tei-Woo
  • Local Messenger :Shua-Lao Zhuangi
  • Local Supplier :Luoi Bai-Kung
  • Local Supplier :Qui-Le Bian
  • Lodge Master :Jalius Dessen
  • Magician Trainer:Kai-Feo Guai
  • Magician Trainer:Zhao Shuai-Nang
  • Male Hairdresser :She-Jua Ge
  • Male Tattooer :Ba-Nung Cioi
  • Master Medic :Kia Bo-Boo
  • Master Cartographer :Reka Qe-Wung
  • Medium Armor Merchant :Geng Bai-Fuang
  • Medium Armor Merchant :Vang Tei-Woo
  • Melee Weapon Merchant :Mu So-Suang
  • Melee Weapon Merchant :Nao Li-Qiao
  • Melee Weapon Merchant :Sun Nai-Da
  • Melee Weapon Merchant :Tao Bai-Kung
  • Range Weapon Merchant :Geng Xo-Yuang
  • Range Weapon Merchant :Jeoi Li-Qiao
  • Raw Materials Merchant :Vao Pei-Ziao
  • Raw Materials Merchant :Zhao Ma-Seng
  • Restoration Specialist :Fontaine
  • Sage :Cai-Ci Du
  • Stable Boy :Vao Pa-Sang
  • Tools Merchant :Hiang Zai-Suo
  • Tools Merchant :Pu-Fu Tao
  • Tree-Bore Crafter :Nako Sam-Lin
  • Zoraï Representative :Ba-Ci Du
  • Cities of Intuition Kami Welcomer
  • Cities of Intuition Karavan Welcomer
  • Kitin Observer of the West
  • Ring Technician
  • Wu Zhong
  • Zora Kami Master
  • Zora Tourist Guide
  • Zora Tourist Guide
  • Zora Tourist Guide

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