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Amber of occupations
Map 4 Adv Occ 2023-01.png
Treating the rangers who patrol the Kitins' Lair and harvesting enough resources to prepare balms
Master Kia Bo-Boo
Type of Activity Care and hunting
Difficulty +++
Special Item Teleportation pact to the camp in Almati Wood
Yields Care kits that provide a large bonus on metabolism for a short time but impose a penalty on intelligence.
Mission 1/2
Tasks Going to the Kitins' Lair to heal wounded Rangers. This allows for a Masters in applications bandages
Location Kitins' Lair
Mission 2/2
Tasks Find and collect plants in the Kitins' Lair needed to prepare balm
Location Kitins' Lair
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Medic is one of the 8 occupations, and one of the 2 taught by the Zoraï. Of those two, it is the harder profession, sending you to the Kitins' Lair. It mostly involves treating wandering NPCs and killing the plants down there. The consumables created by this occupation give a bonus to health regeneration at the cost of sap.

  • Known bug: One of the NPCs you're send to heal in mission 1 may be dead, in which case you'll have to right-click on him and then select the option to treat him in order to complete the mission.

Special Item

Kami Teleporter Pact for Almati Wood

Kami Teleporter Pact for Almati Wood

  • Teleports you to the Ranger's camp in Almati Wood.
  • One-use like all teleporter pacts.
  • There are several NPCs in Almati who can teleport you back to the capitals.

You'll receive 1 Teleporter Pact when you take on the medic occupation, and 2 whenever you retake the mission while you're already a medic (possible every 2 days).

Created Item

Small First-Aid Kit

Using 4 Bandages and 4 Balsams, you can create a number of First-Aid Kits.

First-Aid Kits can only be used while sitting down, and they increase your metabolism and thus your life regeneration for a short time, but give a penalty to your intelligence and thus your maximum sap during that same time.

The most basic form is the Q10 Small First-Aid Kit. It takes 1 second to consume, and increases your metabolism by 600 while decreasing your intelligence by 100 for 10 seconds. This effectively gives you +240 life regeneration (or +480 life regeneration if you're sitting down) but -1000 maximum sap during those 10 seconds. It prevents the use of any other occupation products for 20 seconds.

For details on the higher grades of First-Aid Kits, see Occupation Products

Mission 1


Grade 1

Apply bandages to Ranger NPCs walking around in the Kitins' Lair. Once you find the Ranger NPC you've been assigned to heal (indicated on your compass) you'll need to interact with them to complete the mission and receive a Bandages. There are 4 Rangers walking around:

  • Dexus Lyron
  • Dida Mc'Dolonay
  • Alizi Ferro
  • Zin Di-Dao

You'll be randomly assigned one of them to heal. Once you interact with that one and complete the mission, you'll be randomly assigned a new one (which might be the same one again). You can also drop and retake the mission from Kia Bo-Boo at any time to get a new random Ranger. Since all Rangers walk around in the same area of the Kitins' Lair and Kia Bo-Boo is in Zora however, there's generally no point in that, unless one of the Rangers has gone missing.

Higher Grades

At higher grades, this mission remains exactly the same. You will ofcourse receive higher quality components (and more dapper) for completing the tasks at higher grades, but you'll still be healing the same wandering Rangers.

Mission 2


Grade 1

Kill different plants in the Kitins' Lair to make balsams out of. Just find the plant you've been assigned to kill (not shown on compass), target it and use any attack to kill it; they only have 1 hp. Once you've killed it you'll have completed the mission and will receive a Balsams. There are 4 plants you may be send to kill:

F.l.t.r. Dash, Gret, Dan, and Frez
  • Toopetz Gret
  • Amoeba Dan
  • Cokamool Frez
  • Ploomweed Dash

You'll be randomly assigned one of those 4 plants to kill. Once you kill it, you'll be randomly assigned a new plant (which may be the same plant again, but then you'll still have to find a new specimen of it). This mission is identical to mission 2 of the Scrollmaker occupation.

Multiple specimens of all these plants grow in the first area of the Kitins' Lair, and respawn after a short time when killed. Note that the further areas of the Kitins' Lair (the Cattle Room and the Prime Eggs Room) have other kinds of Toopetz, Amoeba, Cokamool and Ploomweed. These are for later missions and look very similar, but have a different 'last name' and don't count for this mission.

Higher Grades

At higher grades, you'll need to kill different variants of these plants, but the mission will otherwise work the same. You'll need to go deeper onto the Kitins' Lair to find the different specimens of plants. They'll have identical first names but different last names, and may look a little different, but they'll behave the same.

  • Grade 1: Toopetz Gret, Amoeba Dan, Cokamool Frez, and Ploomweed Dash.
  • Grade 2: Toopetz Gret, Amoeba Dan, Cokamool Kloro, and Ploomweed Zuc*.
  • Grade 3: Toopetz Dual, Amoeba Tolz, Cokamool Kloro, and Ploomweed Zuc.
  • Grade 4: Toopetz Gret, Amoeba Shon, Cokamool Tiny*, and Ploomweed Zuc.
  • Grade 5: Toopetz Try*, Amoeba Shon, Cokamool Tiny, and Ploomweed Dash.
  • Grade 6: Toopetz Dual, Amoeba Dan, Cokamool Frez, and Ploomweed Dash.

(*) Ploomweed Zuc, Cokamool Tiny and Toopetz Try are all smaller and harder to spot than their variants you've had to kill earlier.