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Amber of occupations
Harvest dead larvae cocoons in the Kitins' Lair for quality inks and recover enough material from plants to make scrolls
Master Libri Velin
Type of Activity Harvest and Hunting
Difficulty +++
Special Item Teleporter Pact to the camp in Almati Wood
Yields An innovative writing tool which allows you to improve the efficiency of any craft action by means of increasing the percentage of its success
Mission 1/2
Tasks Going to the Kitins' Lair and collecting cocoons
Location Kitins' Lair
Mission 2/2
Tasks Search and recover the plants indicated to provide fiber for papermaking
Location Kitins' Lair
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Scrollmaker is one of the 8 occupations, and one of the 2 taught by the Matis. Of those two, it is the harder profession, sending you to the Kitins' Lair. It mostly involves harvesting the kitin larva and killing the plants down there. The consumables created by this occupation give a bonus to your succes chance in crafting.


Special Item

Karavan Teleporter Pact for Almati Wood

Karavan Teleporter Pact for Almati Wood

  • Teleports you to the Ranger's camp in Almati Wood.
  • One-use like all teleporter pacts.
  • There are several NPCs in Almati who can teleport you back to the capitals.

You'll receive 1 Teleporter Pact when you take on the scrollmaker occupation, and 2 whenever you retake the mission while you're already a scrollmaker (possible every 2 days).

Created Item

Basic Writing Necessities

Using 4 Parchment Manufacturing Materials and 4 Ink Manufacturing Materials, you can create a number of Writing Necessities.

Writing Necessities can only be used while sitting down, and they increase your chance to succeed in all your crafting actions for a long time. (Note: crafting actions, not occupation actions.)

The most basic form is the Q10 Basic Writing Necessities. It takes 1 second to consume, and increases your chance to succeed at all crafting actions by 2% for 26 minutes and 40 seconds. It prevents the use of any other occupation products for 20 seconds.

The effect of the Basic Writing Necessities

Mission 1

Parchment Manufacturing Materials

Grade 1

Forage Dead Insect Larva in the Kitins' Lair and hand them to Xan Mi Chong (at the entrance of the Lair). Once you complete the mission by handing the larva over to Xan Mi Chong you'll receive a Parchment Manufacturing Materials. There are 4 variants of this mission.

Note: Grade 1 of this mission is currently bugged and ask for the variants of larva of the first Larvester mission. What it's supposed to ask for is:
  • Give 5 Plain Dead Insect Larva of at least quality 30 to Xan Mi Chong
  • Give 5 Average Dead Insect Larva of at least quality 30 to Xan Mi Chong
  • Give 5 Prime Dead Insect Larva of at least quality 30 to Xan Mi Chong
  • Give 5 Select Dead Insect Larva of at least quality 30 to Xan Mi Chong

You can only hand over the larva that your current mission tells you to, and once you do you'll be randomly given a new grade to hand over. You can abandon and retake the mission from Libri Velin at any time to get a new random grade, but since he's in Yrkanis and Xan Mi Chong is in the Kitins' Lair, it's not particularly efficient.

All the Dead Insect Larva required can be foraged from self-popping larva-sources that pop at different locations in the Kitins' Lair. Some can perhaps also be found at locations outside the lair. You don't need to have the mission active while digging them; the mission is only about handing them in. However, since they are mission materials and cannot be traded, you will have to dig them for yourself.

Higher Grades

At higher grades, you'll need larva of higher qualities, but the mission will otherwise work the same. You'll need to go deeper onto the Kitins' Lair to find the higher qualities of larva. But you'll still need the same amounts and the same grades of larva, and you'll still need to hand them over to Xan Mi Chong.

  • Grade 2: Needs Dead Insect Larva of at least quality 60
  • Grade 3: Needs Dead Insect Larva of at least quality 90
  • Grade 4: Needs Dead Insect Larva of at least quality 120

Mission 2

Ink Manufacturing Materials

Grade 1

Kill different plants in the Kitins' Lair to make ink out of. Just find the plant you've been assigned to kill (not shown on compass), target it and use any attack to kill it, and you'll have completed the mission and receive an Ink Manufacturing Materials. There are 4 plants you may be send to kill:
F.l.t.r. Dash, Gret, Dan, and Frez
  • Toopetz Gret
  • Amoeba Dan
  • Cokamool Frez
  • Ploomweed Dash

You'll be randomly assigned one of those 4 plants to kill. Once you kill it, you'll be randomly assigned a new plant (which may be the same plant again, but then you'll still have to find a new specimen of it). This mission is identical to mission 2 of the Medic occupation.

Multiple specimens of all these plants grow in the first area of the Kitins' Lair, and respawn after a short time when killed. Note that the further areas of the Kitins' Lair (the Cattle Room and the Prime Eggs Room) have other kinds of Toopetz, Amoeba, Cokamool and Ploomweed. These are for later missions and look very similar, but have a different 'last name' and don't count for this mission.

Higher Grades

At higher grades, you'll need to kill different variants of these plants, but the mission will otherwise work the same. You'll need to go deeper onto the Kitins' Lair to find the different specimens of plants. They'll have identical first names but different last names, and may look a little different, but they'll behave the same.

  • Grade 2: Toopetz Gret, Amoeba Dan, Cokamool Kloro, and Ploomweed Zuc (smaller and harder to spot than Ploomweed Dash).

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