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This page contains all the info about occupations that would reasonably be considered as spoilers - such as recipes or the locations where stuff can be found.

Just as further spoiler protection, the page starts with a barely spoilery bit about recommended combinations. The real spoilers are at the bottom.


Do not scroll down if you do not wish things spoiled for you!

Recommended Combinations

There is a total of 8 occupations currently ingame, but any character can only take at most 3 occupations at one time. So you'll have to decide which ones you want. The most fun ofcourse is to pick a unique combination for yourself of the occupations that best fit your character, or that you enjoy the most.

Nevertheless most occupations support a very specific activity, so there are certain combinations that specifically support certain roles. Use these recommendations as a guideline for constructing your own combination.

Recommended for: Non-250 characters

This is a rather easy choice, since there are only 4 professions that don't require going into the Kitins' Lair. So if you aren't anywhere near having a level 250 combat skill and won't survive long in there, the most you can do is pick 3 out of the remaining 4. The reason for the above recommendation is that Water-Carrier and Magnetic Cartographer are very similar in their missions, so would probably be boring to do both. Also they both give rewards that cannot be used while your aura is down, which is a long time after use for a low-level character.

Really though, picking any 3 out of the those 4 will always ensure you have one item that helps sap regeneration, one that helps stamina regeneration and one that helps life regeneration.

Recommended for: Harvesters/Crafters

Larvester is the only occupation whose rewards give a boost to focus regeneration, so a clear choice if your main activity is foraging. Scrollmaker in turn is the only occupation whose rewards help with crafting, which make it a clear choice for devoted crafters. In addition, Larvester and Scrollmaker go fairly well together, since they have you digging the same kind of larva.

Note that harvesting these larva does require, at the highest grade, a Prime Root Foraging skill of close to level 150. Though at grade 1 you only need level 20.

Medic lastly is the best choice for getting items that boost your health regeneration, always a useful secondary for a forager. Butcher is a decent alternative if you're also a good melee fighter. If you don't want *all* your occupations to be in the Kitins' Lair, you might also alternate this one for Water-Carrier or Magnetic Cartographer, though they give much smaller bonuses to health regeneration.

Recommended for: Melee Fighters

Assuming you're single-minded in melee fighting, all you'd really care about is health and stamina regeneration. And then those three occupations give you everything you need for that. Butcher gives you the health regeneration items, toolmaker the stamina regeneration items, and magnetic cartographer an aura that does a little of both health and stamina regeneration.

Note that being a toolmaker does require some foraging and melee weapon crafting, so if you don't want to do any foraging or crafting, you'll have to substitute it for another occupation.

Recommended for: Ranged Fighters

The same as melee fighting, assuming all you want is health and stamina regeneration. The only difference is that the butcher mission isn't as easy to do with ranged, so you might want to get your health regeneration items from the medic occupation instead.

Recommended for: Mages

Assuming you're single-minded in magic, all you'd really care about is health and sap regeneration. And then those three occupations give you everything you need for that. Medic gives you the health regeneration items, florist the sap regeneration items, and water-carrier an aura that does a little of both health and sap regeneration.

Note that being a florist does require a minimum of foraging, so if you don't want to do any foraging, you'll have to substitute it for another occupation.

Recommended for: Alts

The missions for toolmaker and butcher can almost entirely be done by a teammate, rather than the actual person who took the mission. So have your level 1 alt take the occupations and the missions, team them with your main and let your main do the missions for them. Even if you don't have an alt on a second account, you can have an alt on the same account take these occupations and get a guildie to do the missions for you while teamed with your alt (in return for you doing the same for them, ofcourse).

Medic can only be half done by a teammate, but the other half the level 1 alt can do themself as long as you don't mind them getting max DP and there's a high level character in the Lair to run the kipesta to the guards.

Then have another level 1 alt on the same account take up Florist, Water-Carrier, and Magnetic Cartographer, and you'll also have access to all the special items that help you better do your main occupations.


Recipes range from 30% to 100%, and at least a 60% recipe is needed to advance to the next grade. For those who find it too frustrating finding the recipes themselves, we offer the following recipes. Feel free to add your own recipes to this list if you can improve on the current list.



  • Grade 1 : 62712 = 63%
  • Grade 2 : 53726 = 60%
  • Grade 3 : 42667 = 57%


  • Grade 1 : 52641 = 100%
  • Grade 2 : 37436 = 100%
  • Grade 3 : 47243 = 100%
  • Grade 4 : 57632 = 100%
  • Grade 5 : 47457 = 100%
  • Grade 6 : 52623 = 100%


  • Grade 1 : 42656 = 60%
  • Grade 2 : 76755 = 60%
  • Grade 3 : 51227 = 60%
  • Grade 4 : 16167 = 70%
  • Grade 5 : 26332 = 70%

Magnetic Cartographer

  • Grade 1 : 22412 = 100%
  • Grade 2 : 66333 = 100%
  • Grade 3 : 25643 = 100%
  • Grade 4 : 31417 = 100%
  • Grade 5 : 57472 = 60%


  • Grade 1 : 42672 = 100%
  • Grade 2 : 12353 = 100%
  • Grade 3 : 26555 = 100%
  • Grade 4 : 56646 = 100%
  • Grade 5 :32753 = 60%


  • Grade 1 : 65642 = 100%
  • Grade 2 : 76735 = 100%
  • Grade 3 : 27152 = 100%
  • Grade 4 : 16523 = 100%
  • Grade 5 : 11353 = 100%
  • Grade 6 : 75153 = 100%


  • Grade 1 : 16426 = 70%
  • Grade 1 : 16311 = 90%
  • Grade 2 : 66771 = 87%
  • Grade 3 : 22141 = 60%
  • Grade 4 : 74655 = 63%
  • Grade 5 : 21424 = 60%


  • Grade 1 : 75536 = 100%
  • Grade 2 : 23572 = 100%
  • Grade 3 : 17745 = 100%
  • Grade 4 : 66714 = 60%
  • Grade 5 : 75536 = 60%

Flower Locations

The first gathering task of the Florist occupation requires flower petals to be harvested. These flower petals are harvested from self-popping flower-sources that spawn throughout the Verdant Heights. They cannot be tracked or prospected for.

The location that these flower-sources appear in rotates with season. They appear scattered over a very large area (think 500 by 500 meter) so you will have to walk around in the area to actually find the scattered sources. But this list will give you a general idea of where the area lies.





Random info we still have to find another page for


Upgrading items:

  • Water Quality Certificates Q10 -> Good Water Quality Certificates Q15
  • Report of the Commissioner Sender Q10 -> Report of Excellence of the Commissioner Sender Q15


Upgrading items:

  • Fragment of Magnetic Fields Map Q10 -> Fragment of Precise Magnetic Fields Map Q15
  • List of Magnetic Amplitudes Q10 -> List of Precise Magnetic Amplitudes Q15


Upgrading items:

  • Flower Supply Certificates Q10 -> Abundant Flower Supply Certificates Q15
  • Flower Maintenance Certificates Q10 -> Perfect Flower Maintenance Certificates Q15


Upgrading items:

  • Bandages Q10 -> Strong Bandages Q15
  • Balsams Q10 -> Powerful Balsams Q15