Magnetic Cartographer

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Amber of occupations
Magnetic Cartographer
Going to different areas of magnetism and transmit reports to cartographers in Zora
Master Reka Qe Wung
Type of Activity Exploration
Difficulty +
Special Item Amber coating that prevents the loss of elements used in a failed improvement
Yields Magnetic cards that will give a short but powerful bonus to endurance and life
Mission 1/2
Tasks Go in different areas of measurement of magnetism in the Witherings. Handouts are received to give to agents in Zora
Location The different regions of the Jungle
Mission 2/2
Tasks Give document to different agents in Zora
Location Zora
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Magnetic Cartography

Magnetic Cartographer is one of the 8 occupations, and one of the 2 taught by the Zoraï. Of those two, it is the easier occupation, taking place in the normal regions of the Witherings. It mostly involves running to different places to take readings, and delivering reports to cartographers. The consumables created by this occupation give a bonus to health and stamina regeneration.

Special Item

Amber of Protection

Amber of Protection

  • Prevents the loss of components if an improvement action fails.
  • You are given the option to use it if you have one in your inventory when you fail an improvement action.
  • If you chose to use it, it is used up in the process.

You'll receive 1 Amber of Protection when you take on the magnetic cartographer occupation, and 4 whenever you retake the mission while you're already a magnetic cartographer (possible every 2 days).

Created Items

Map of Minor Magnetism

Using 4 Fragment of Magnetic Fields Map and 4 List of Magnetic Amplitudes, you can create a number of Maps of Magnetism.

Maps of Magnetism can only be used while sitting down, and they activate both an aura that increases your life regeneration and an aura that increases your stamina regeneration for a short time. Beware: Using this item disables all your other auras for a short time. If you recently used another aura and it's still on cooldown, using this item will not have any effect, but the item will still be consumed!

The most basic form is the Q10 Map of Minor Magnetism. It takes 1 second to consume, and the aura activated provides +100 life regeneration and +200 stamina regeneration for 10 seconds to the user and all teammates within a radius of 10 meter. It disables all auras for the user for 20 seconds, and prevents teammates from benefiting from the same aura again for 60 seconds.

Mission 1

Grade 1

Fragment of Magnetic Fields Map

Run to different places in Cities of Intuition to measure the magnetic field there. You need only arrive at the location (indicated on your compass) to complete the mission. Each time you do you'll receive a Fragment of Magnetic Fields Map as well as an Analysis Result (quest item) that's needed for mission 2. There are 4 different locations:

  • Magnetics Measuring Area A
  • Magnetics Measuring Area B
  • Magnetics Measuring Area C
  • Magnetics Measuring Area D

Once you arrive at the location, you'll be randomly send to a new location (which might be the same location again). You can also drop and retake the mission from Reka Qe-Wung at any time to get a new random location.

Higher grades

At higher grades, you will be send to Maiden Grove instead, but the mission will otherwise be identical. The Maiden Grove region will have it's own 4 locations within that region to visit.

Mission 2

Grade 1

List of Magnetic Amplitudes

This is where you hand the Analysis Results from mission 1 over to Cartographers located in Zora. For each analysis result handed over you'll receive a List of Magnetic Amplitudes in return. There's a total of 4 cartographer around Zora, each signified by the district of the city they're in:

  • Cartograper (Goo Chase)
  • Cartograper (Win-Cho)
  • Cartograper (West Hollow)
  • Cartograper (Daïsha)

The mission randomly sends you to one of these cartographers, and you can only hand an analysis result over to the cartographer that the mission sends you to. Once you hand over one analysis result to this cartographer, you'll be randomly send to a new cartographer (which might be the same cartographer again). You can also drop and retake the mission from Reka Qe-Wung at any time to get a new random cartographer. Once you're out of analysis results you'll have to continue doing mission 1 until you get more.

Higher grades

At higher grades, this mission remains exactly the same. The only difference is that at grade 1, you only need Q10 analysis results. At grade 2 you will need at least Q20 analysis results, which you can only obtain by doing the grade 2 version of mission 1. At grade 3, you'll need at least Q30 analysis results, and so on.

Therefore, be sure to have all your lower level analysis results handed in before advancing to the next grade, else any you have left in your bag will become useless.