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Geographical Amber
Maiden Grove
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Sub-Continent Witherings
Region Level 50 - 100
Neutral Altar Karavan
Area 2.206 km²

This area is located at the eastern edge of Witherings. To the north lies Void, the south Grove of Umbra, and to the West both Cities of Intuition and Haven of Purity. It is home to some of the most unique natural structures on all of Atys on of which is the Big Hand and the great boulder.


Palm Valley

Palm Valley is located in and around the Big Hand, on the Western border of Maiden Grove.

Fowling Lake

This subregion falls between Great Boulder Tunnel and Grove of Umbra. Fowling Lake itself is a somewhat shallow body of water around an outcropping.


Most Southern part of Maiden Grove, bordering on Grove of Umbra, named after the large amount of Slaveni that can usually be found here.

Great Boulder Tunnel

Located in the Northeastern border of Maiden Grove, between Fowling Lake and Void. The Shadow Runners' camp can be found here.


Maiden Pond

Maiden Pond is located just Northeast of Slavenhurst. The Hamazans of the Dead Seed camp is located nearby.

The Big Hand

The Big Hand nestled in Palm Valley
Located in Palm Valley, the Big Hand looks like a hand reaching out of Atys towards the sky. Many homins have created tales about the Big Hand. Some Zoraï believe it is the hand of Ma-Duk, some believe it's the hand of Jena reaching for the stars, and some even believe it's the hand of the great dragon trapped there by the Karavan as it was looking to escape back into the sky. However most simply believe it's just an odd occurrence in the geology of Atys.

The Great Boulder

Another unique geographical structure of the area; many homins climb to the top of this structure to enjoy a view that can not be matched in any other part of Witherings.


  • Bighand Borderpost
  • Great Boulder Borderpost
  • Great Boulder Workshop
  • Lands End Farm
  • Maiden Pond Workshop
  • Sai-Shun Stronghold

Settling Groups

Camp of the Shadow Runners

Bandit Camps


Notable NPCs

Tikos Lyseus
Xo-Yuang Du
Hon Be-Pian
Miaera Antolli
Be'Nan Hathy
Chiaera Rosisi
Be'Iaury Garmer


Cette région est un véritable creuset de vie. La flore et la faune sont abondantes sauf dans les clairières. Prenez garde s'il vous vient l'idée d'errer en ces lieux car les prédateurs, tenaces, sont ardus à repérer dans cette densité végétale.


Passive fauna


Nammed and Bosses

  • Ragus démolisseur
  • Torbak démolisseur
  • Spinah
  • Tang-Ka
  • Bawakya (boss)

Witherings Regions
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