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Taxonomic Amber
Kingdom Animals
Category Herbivore
Main Ecosystem(s) All ecosystems
Counterattack type Blunt

Arma is a massive pachyderm characterized by a mossy carapace equipped with spiny outgrowths. Its thick skin and impressive array of defensive horns on its head make it a difficult prey for even the keenest carnivore. Thus secure in its armor, the Arma may be found grazing in herds peacefully all over Atys beside the most aggressive predators on Atys. Only excessive harassment will provoke its wrath.[1]

Main Details

Valued Resources

Armas can be quartered for:

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
200 Voracious Arma
192 Ferocious Arma
183 Fierce Arma
175 Furious Arma
159 Violent Arma
150 Feral Arma
142 Vicious Arma
133 Nettled Arma
123 Scrounging Arma
114 Rooting Arma
105 Obstinate Arma
96 Gruff Arma
81 Grunting Arma
72 Gluttonous Arma
60 Wary Arma
51 Robust Arma robuste

Exceptional Specimens

Image Name Level Type Grade of Materials Location
Armkoo 220 Boss Supreme Elusive Forest
Demolisher Arma 260 Named Choix Void
Hisserto 110 Named Excellent Fleeting Garden
Manda 260 Named Excellent Void
Tron 210 Named Excellent Enchanted Isle

Other Information

When attacked gubanis will protect armas to the best of their ability. It should also be noted that armas do not protect gubanis though.


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