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Guilds are the primary mechanism within the game for social grouping. Players are not required to join a guild and choosing to not join a guild will not prevent enjoyment of the game in any way. The benefits of being in a guild are having access to a guild hall, owning an outpost and being able to take part in Guild vs Guild (GvG) activities. This is in addition to the social benefits of being grouped together with other players as a unit.

Joining a guild is character-based. This means that if one character joins a guild, only that character will be registered as being in a guild, until membership is revoked or removed. All other characters on an account are free to join whichever guild the player wishes.

Creating a guild

A guild is created by paying 100,000 Dapper to a guild clerk in any of the capital cities. The player forming the guild will become the guild leader.

The name of the guild must be provided at the point of creation along with creating an emblem for the guild. The name must be unique amongst all guilds and has a limit of ?? characters (including spaces).

It is important to note that once a guild has been created, the name of the guild cannot be changed. CSR can change the guild's name on special request.

To view information about your current guild, open the guild window (default shortcut "G"). Guild details are near the top of the window and a guild roster can be seen at the bottom on the default tab. The guild roster is primarily sorted by rank and then alphabetically.

Expanding the guild

Once a guild has been created, the guild leader can start sending out invitations to other players. Note that there are four ranks that can be assigned to guild members:

  1. Leader
  2. High Officer
  3. Officer
  4. Member

Only the guild leader as well the guild's officers and high officers have the ability to invite other players to join the guild. In addition to sending out invitations, they also possess the ability to promote normal members to become officers and to kick members out of the guild. They are also moderators of the in game guild forum.

To invite a player to your guild (as an officer, high officer or guild leader) use the type /guildinvite <playername> or right-click on the character and select the appropriate option. The invitee cannot be a member of another guild when the invite is sent, the invitee's alignment must also be compatible with that of the guild's.

In addition to all of the above, the guild leader and high officers also possess the ability to demote officers to members. The guild leader can promote any other member to guild leader (thereby demoting himself or herself to high officer status).

To promote or demote a guild member, open the guild window and locate the members name in the roster. Right-click on name to see the available options. Select the appropriate option to perform the action.

Guild hall

A guild is not supplied with a guild hall upon creation. It must be purchased by going to any of the guild apartment caretakers and purchasing it for 10,000,000 Dapper.

Once purchased, all members of the guild can now access the guild hall by going to the city where it is located and entering through the correct door. The one exception is new characters that are still on Silan (since they can't go anywhere without leaving Silan permanently).

Guild alignment

Guilds can align themselves to any of the four homin races as well as either of the two higher powers. This is done by gaining enough fame with the respective party, going to the guild magistrate and paying a small fee. Note that the guild magistrate's title will vary depending on the race, Guild Royal Magistrate for the Matis, Guild Imperial Magistrate for the Fyros, etc.

Leaving a guild

To leave a guild, open up the guild window and click on the Leave Guild button located at the bottom of the window. Note that once membership is lost, whether by voluntarily leaving a guild or by having the membership revoked, it is permanent, and a new invitation must be received to rejoin the guild.

A guild leader cannot leave a guild that still has other members. The guild leader must first designate another member as the new guild leader (so as to demote himself or herself), or follow the steps below to disband his or her guild.

Disbanding a guild

A guild that still has members cannot be disbanded. The guild leader must first kick every member out of the guild. When the guild has no other members, the guild leader must leave the guild, upon doing so the guild name will be freed up.

Be warned that once a guild has been disbanded, any owned outposts and/or items stored within the guild hall will be lost.

Guild Attributes

Guild Fame

Just as homins, a guild has fames regarding nations and higher powers. These fames are capped depending on it's alignments. It can be improved.

Guild Points

Guild Points

Guild Island

Since year of Jena 2602, Guilds have the opportunity to get a Guild Island that can be furnished and populated with guild points
Note: This feature is still under development Dorothée (talk) 08:24, 13 May 2019 (CEST)

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