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Guilds are the primary mechanism within the game for social grouping. Players are not required to join a guild and choosing to not join a guild will not prevent enjoyment of the game in any way. The benefits of being in a guild are having access to a guild hall, owning an outpost and being able to take part in Guild vs Guild (GvG) activities. This is in addition to the social benefits of being grouped together with other players as a unit.

Joining a guild is character-based. This means that if one character joins a guild, only that character will be registered as being in a guild, until membership is revoked or removed. All other characters on an account are free to join whichever guild the player wishes.

Find, choose a guild

Lists of active guilds can be found at Rygreg, via the forum or external tools such as RyzomArmory.

  • Often, guilds ask newcomers to align themselves with a certain faction (Kami or Karavan, or Neutral or Maraud, Ranger...). However, faction also determines the mode of transport: what TP you can or can't buy, where you arrive when you travel, etc. (only wormholes are common to all factions).
  • Some guilds have players from several countries or exclusive languages - each guild has a channel reserved for guild members, automatically translated by DeepL. Please note that place names (zone names, localities... more to the geography of Atys) and tribe names are different (between the French and English interface etc...) - so it can sometimes be complicated to find your way around (many FR players play with an EN interface for this reason) and this is why in the bag, TPs are also displayed in English.
  • As all countries arrive on the same server (since the merger), not all homins connect at the same time. So it's best to choose a guild according to its activity schedule.

Guild management

Creating a guild

A guild is created by paying 100,000 Dapper to a guild clerk in any of the capital cities. The player forming the guild will become the guild leader.

The name of the guild must be provided at the point of creation along with creating an emblem for the guild. The name must be unique amongst all guilds and has a limit of ?? characters (including spaces).

It is important to note that once a guild has been created, the name of the guild cannot be changed. CSR can change the guild's name on special request.

To view information about your current guild, open the guild window (default shortcut "G"). Guild details are near the top of the window and a guild roster can be seen at the bottom on the default tab. The guild roster is primarily sorted by rank and then alphabetically.

Expanding the guild

Once a guild has been created, the guild leader can start sending out invitations to other players. Note that there are four ranks that can be assigned to guild members:

  1. Leader
  2. High Officer
  3. Officer
  4. Member

Only the guild leader as well the guild's officers and high officers have the ability to invite other players to join the guild. In addition to sending out invitations, they also possess the ability to promote normal members to become officers and to kick members out of the guild. They are also moderators of the in game guild forum.

To invite a player to your guild (as an officer, high officer or guild leader) use the type /guildinvite <playername> or right-click on the character and select the appropriate option. The invitee cannot be a member of another guild when the invite is sent, the invitee's alignment must also be compatible with that of the guild's.

In addition to all of the above, the guild leader and high officers also possess the ability to demote officers to members. The guild leader can promote any other member to guild leader (thereby demoting himself or herself to high officer status).

To promote or demote a guild member, open the guild window and locate the members name in the roster. Right-click on name to see the available options. Select the appropriate option to perform the action.

Leaving a guild

To leave a guild, open up the guild window and click on the Leave Guild button located at the bottom of the window. Note that once membership is lost, whether by voluntarily leaving a guild or by having the membership revoked, it is permanent, and a new invitation must be received to rejoin the guild.

A guild leader cannot leave a guild that still has other members. The guild leader must first designate another member as the new guild leader (so as to demote himself or herself), or follow the steps below to disband his or her guild.

Disbanding a guild

A guild that still has members cannot be disbanded. The guild leader must first kick every member out of the guild. When the guild has no other members, the guild leader must leave the guild, upon doing so the guild name will be freed up.

Be warned that once a guild has been disbanded, any owned outposts and/or items stored within the guild hall will be lost.

Guild Attributes

Guild Fame

Guilds have also fames regarding the four nations and the four factions. It reflects the fame of its members, and the higher the member rank, the higher it influences the guild's one.

Just as players can align themselves with a Faction and a nation, so can Guilds. A Guild can be Neutral/Kami/Karavan, and also Neutral/Fyros/Matis/Tryker/Zorai. Again, the Faction alignment has no effect on the nation alignment but Ranger and maraudeur factions which both prohibit any nation alignment.

Guild Fame has, at the moment, no influence on gameplay but onto its members.

Guilds may purchase a Guildhall in any capital city the marauders who can only have their halls in the marauder place(s) since the nations are aggresive with them.

Guild Alignment

The alignment of a Guild determines which Homins may or may not join the Guild. Since this can sometimes be tricky to get your head round (and to explain) I'll explain it in two ways; from the Guild's point of view, and from the player's point of view:

  1. A character who is Faction aligned can only enter a Guild of that Faction.
    A neutral character can join any Guild.
  2. A neutral Guild can only have neutral characters in it (especially marauder and ranger ones).
    A Guild which is Faction aligned may have neutral characters, or characters who are aligned the same as the Guild.

The same goes for nation alignment, but with the nation instead of the Faction

To align with a Faction or nation, the Guild leader must go to an NPC (at the temple of in the capital city, near to the ones for player alignment) and follow the NPCs instructions. Like for players, the Guild needs to have 30 Guild Fame. If the Guild Fame drops below 0 with the nation or Faction it is aligned with, it will automatically become neutral or nation-neutral (depending on which Fame value dropped below 0). Any player who is incompatible with the neutrality of the Guild (ie any player who is aligned with a nation or Faction, depending on which Fame value dropped) will automatically become of Unspecified status (see notes below).

When a guild becomes citizen of a nation, it is allowed to participate to the leading assemblies of this Nation.

Guild Points

Tb guild.png

Official app "MyGuild"

is very useful for earning Guild Points (required on the Guild/Island).
  • Every 1st of the month, these counters reset to 0,
  • hunting does not give Guild Points.
Boss killed in Zorai jungle

Not to be confused with Guild Elyps.

These points earned by a homin are allocated directly to his guild, without him having to take any action (such as donating Elyps or dappers to his guild).

To gain Guild Points

Special tab
    • With Daily missions, the 1st guildy who finish tasks will give points to its Guild. So, a guild can max earn 210 points per month (30 d).
    • Nexus OP per month
  • ask to hunters and scouts what bosses are in the region.
  • check the bones left after a Boss have been killed by any homin (kill a boss don't give points, you have to check the blue bones left)
Bones after a king has been killed


  • One hunter or scout, per region (each nation has several regions) and per month, for the guild (if 2 guild members talk to the same person, it only counts once).
  • Killing a king doesn't give you any points; you must consult the bones remaining after killing him.

To see how many your guild have : G. The max is 200 points.

Use (required: have an Island)

  • Chests on your Island, to expand GH storage and organize items.
  • Upgrade OP mats
    • The MP choices in the 1st column are Oil, Resin, Sap and Seed.
    • The second column is made up of amber, seeds, fibers, shells, wood and curls.
Upgrade OP mats with guild points

Do not confuse with Guild Elyps (you can see how much Elyps your guild has in G/Island).

Guild Hall

A guild is not supplied with a Guild Hall upon creation. It must be purchased by going to any of the guild apartment caretakers and purchasing it for 10,000,000 Dapper if in a capital (Yrkanis, Fairhaven, Zora, Pyr) and 5,000,000 in other towns.

Once purchased, all members of the guild can now access the guild hall and its inventory by going to the city where it is located and entering through the correct door.

The guild apartment is large and includes sevral rooms which may be used for role-play purposes.

All members can deposit items, but only senior officers and the chief can retrieve items (and only if they are subscribers).

Not to be confused with the Guild Island.

Now (June 2024, with Patch 00994), you are able to expand your guild's inventory by building chests from your guild island.

Guild Island

Since Jena Year 2602, guilds have the opportunity to get a Guild Island that can be furnished and populated with guild points.
Guild Islands are a novelty[1] of Jena year 2602.

Your guild island can at last receive guests, thanks to the addition of an option[2].

First, find (near one of the capitals) a guild island agent, to visit various available isles.

Once a Guild Island is chosen, we can add easily trees, buildings and other scenery items... Many interesting features (adding mobs) are for later.

You can browse Commons, atys:Category:Guild_Island (please categorize new islands images in this category).

On this Guild Island, an Intendant and Touby (and commands)


The Intendant

To pop other NPC.

The Overseer

The Overseer is able to construct buildings payed with a fee (in Elyps).

  • a chest that gives access to the contents of the GH from the guild island, in the manner of an op.
  • a building to improve the mp of op (from q200 to 250, for example, with a price for improvement)
Chest creation

The Operator

The Operator (Outpost Officer) offers to convert the outpost materials won on the Nexus test outposts into actual 250 outpost materials.

More on Improving outpost mats


No use for now.


The guide can have one or more outposts (OP for OutPost). The materials supplied by Outposts go directly into the Guild Hall. Guild inventory is accessible from OPs.

Apps for guilds

More on Guilds and fr:Présentation des Webapps/Guildes apps🇫🇷.

  • The Book of Guilds
  • RygReg
  • Ryzom Armory
  • Bag App
  • Tableau des niveaux🇫🇷

See also

Complements to this page:

  1. official announcement on the forum and on this wiki New2019. To the discussion on the forum (questions and answers).
  2. See Patch 00952 (June 2023)

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