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de:Die Bosse von Atys
en:Bosses of Atys
es:Jefes de Atys
fr:Nommés et Rois
ru:Атисские «боссы»
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Bosses (or Kings) drop around 60 supreme materials. Their level is usually +20 over the region one. They will spawn on average once per day per region. However, boss spawn rates are impacted by previous spawn frequency and have a dynamic ceiling for spawn time. Bosses may spawn in 5 minutes after a kill, up to a few days.
They are named with the first part of their species name prefix followed by a suffix : Kan/Kin/Keth/Kya[Kyo]/Koo with Lakes/Forest/Desert/Jungle/Prime Roots respectively.
Exceptions: Peeketh is in fact a named, Yubokin lives in Silan.
Their level is usually +10 over the region one and they drop excellent materials. They usually respawn less than an hour after they have been killed.
They are called this way because they have been given a name with no special meaning.
Death-, Demolisher-, Destroyer-, Devastating-, Slayer-, Demolisher-, Terminator- Monsters, drop choice materials. They appear only after a server restart and their level is usually +10 over the region one.
The Dominant-mobs can only be found in Silan.
Primitive bosses
Historically, the bosses drop 8 jewels, the named ones drop 3. The jewels level is under the mob level to allow lower level players to wear them, but they have enhanced stats which make them higher than crafted items at the mob level. After the boss update patch, Frahaketh, Gibbakya, Gibbakin, and Cukan no longer spawn.
Marauders bosses
They are much harder to defeat than other bosses and have specific items to award the challengers, they deserve their own pages set.

Important updates


boss puzzle

These "puzzle bosses" are for example Clopperketh, Shooketh, Bodokin, Cratchakin, Yubokin have a requirement to be met prior to killing them. Usually, the guards all need to be killed in a certain fashion before proceeding to kill the boss.
  • Patch 00939 completely changed the rotation system.
    • For example, a Clopperketh can spawn in any Fyros region, as long as a clopper is present in the region already.
    • The suffix system has not changed. Neither have the named or Marauder bosses.
    • Only the old "puzzle bosses" are kept and are out of rotation with the algo described on the forum (this has been extended to all of Atys, not just the PR).
    • note that these specific bosses are not counted in the boss rotation: You can have 2 Clopperketh at the same time in Oflavok's Oasis (a new rotational boss and the historical puzzle-based Clopperketh).
  • A new Yubo boss has been added on Silan.
  • In November 2021, on the forum A new algorithm for root bounty bosses.


Here is the list of Kings in the archive the named list is OK.



Name Type Creature type Region Level
Fyros Exterminator Boss Kinrey Scorched Corridor 280
Matis Exterminator Boss Kincher Upper Bog 280
Snowman Boss Unknown Majestic Garden  ?
Tryker Exterminator Boss Kirosta Enchanted Isle 280
Zoraï Exterminator Boss Kipucka Knot of Dementia 280
Death Yubo Boss Yubo Liberty Lake 70
Yubohoho Boss Yubo Verdant Heights, Matis Arena 270

Marauders bosses

Name Type Region Level
Aen the Desert Blade Boss Dunes of Exile 200
Lixie the Furious Boss Enchanted Isle 200
Pei-Ziao the Pernicious Boss Knot of Dementia 200
Sirgio the Wicked Boss Hidden Source 200
Dante the Teaser Boss Fount 200

Kitin's Lair

Name Type Creature type Region Level
Terminator Kipee Named Kipee Kitin's Lair 260
Terminator Kipucka Named Kipucka Kitin's Lair 210
Kizokoo Boss Kizoar Kitin's Lair 270


Name Type Creature type Region Level
Yubokin Boss Yubo Lands to Explore 70
Arken Named Homin Lands to Explore 25
Dominant Cray Named Cray Lands to Explore 35
Dominant Kirosta Boss Kirosta Lands to Explore 50
Dominant Ocyx Named Ocyx Lands to Explore 30
Reitzak Named Homin Lands to Explore 40
Arken, Reitzak do not drop any loot, but they hav boss-like stats regarding player level.
Dominant Kirosta is the region mission "boss" and has a boss look but drops only fine materials, whereas Yubokin drops Supreme materials.


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