Aen the Desert Blade

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de:Aen Klinge der Wüste
en:Aen the Desert Blade
es:Aen la Espada del Desierto
fr:Aen la Lame du Désert
ru:Аэн Клинок пустыни
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Personal Amber
Aen the Desert Blade
Race Fyros
Gender Female
Nation -
Organization -
Faction Marauders
Rank Officer
Non playable Character

Aen the Desert Blade is one the leaders of the Marauders and one of the Bosses of Atys. She is one of the 6 Marauder leaders that players can kill to obtain the Marauder armour, and one of the 4 that give Marauder heavy armour (the other 2 give light armour). Her heavy armour is beige.

Her lair is west of Malmont Farm in Dunes of Exile, where she resides with her guardian varinx. As soon as she is engaged, she will send her guardians out to fight. If her guardians are defeated, she'll spawn a number of copies of herself, each of whom will summon two pairs of guardian varinx to fight for them.

The usual strategy to defeat her is to position a group of mages at a safe distance from her camp and to have a single meleer carefully draw one Aen-clone at a time into the trap. Then it is just a matter of having enough fire-power and healing to beat the Aen-clone and her two guardians simultaneously, and to repeat that until all Aens are defeated. The last one will drop the armour.

Aen attaquée
Position of Aen's Camp , in Dunes of Exile