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en:Marauders bosses
es:Merodeadores «Bosses»
fr:Les «Boss» maraudeurs
ru:Мародёр «боссы»
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Marauder bosses are all level 200 buts this has little importance. Follow the links for Strategy information (spoiler).

Name Region Armor Color
Aen the Desert Blade/OOC Dunes of Exile Heavy Beige
Dante the Teaser/OOC Fount Light Turquoise
Lixie the Furious/OOC Enchanted Isle Heavy Turquoise
Pei-Ruz the Rotten/OOC Haven of Purity Light Purple
Pei-Ziao the Pernicious/OOC Knot of Dementia Heavy Purple
Sirgio the Wicked/OOC Hidden Source Heavy Green

→ The following was made after: Forums » EVENTS » HRP » [OOC event] NPC (Aen, Pei, Lixie, Sergio) Hunt Schediling / Related Info by Fyrosfreddy.

Boss Rewards


Each boss drops three (3) items:

a) One (1) piece of their armor:
Aen Sirgio Lixie Pei-Ziao Dante Pei-Ruz
      b) One (1) "quarter plan" for crafting a Marauder armor: 
c) One (1) Crystal : 

Ryzom API/Item sheetids

Armor crafting

a) With seven (7) crystals, you can craft one set of armor. Each piece requires 1 crystal except for vest which requires 2.
b) You take those 4 "quarter plans" to the "Restoration Specialist" in each capital and if you pay her 15,000,000 dappers, she will repair them for you. In order to get a full set of plans, you need 24 points and 90,000,000 dappers.

Group Hunts


... with the purpose being to make it easy for folks to readily find info related thereto. I would ask that commentary, suggestions, etc. be confined to the NPC Hunt discussions thread in order that folks don't have to wade through discussions to get to needed information. That thread can be found here:

NPC Hunt Discussion Thread

How The NPC Group Hunts Point System Works:


  1. The group NPC Hunts take place every 6 days generally at the dates and times above and typically run 1 - 2 hours.
  2. Each time an you (or guild ... one *** or *** the other) attend an NPC hunt, you earn credits .... if 10 peeps from one guild show up for Aen, they get 10 credits ... if 10 of you show for all 4 bosses, you get 4 x 10 or 40 credits.
  3. Those credits are then factored into points. If 50 Atysians showed up, then the total points your guild would get is (40 x 10) / (50 x 10) = 0.8 points. You can check how many Points you have attained as of the last posting (every couple of months) by looking at the NPC Bosses web site:

  1. Each boss drops three (3) items:
    One (1) piece of their armor
    One (1) "quarter plan" for crafting NPC armor
    One (1) Crystal
  2. The guild (or individual) can spend points as follows:
  3. # For each point in the crystal column, you can trade in for one crystal. With seven (7) crystals, you can craft one set of armor. Each piece requires 1 crystal except for vest which requires 2.
  4. # For each point in the plans column, you can trade in for one "quarter plan". As indicated above, after each kill, each NPC drops 1/4 of a craft plan. If you were to obtain the "quarter plan" for boots from each of the 4 NPC, you take those 4 "quarter plans" to the "Restortation Specialist" in each capital and if you pay her 15,000,00 dappers, she will repair them for you. So.... to get a full set of plans, you need 24 points and 90,000,000 dappie.
    1. As for the actual armor drops, the points for each guild are listed here:

You have to mouse over the yellow exclamation point to see the list. When there's a full set, it's auctioned off:

Aen typically goes for about 7 points Pei typically goes for 4 to 6 points Lixie typically goes for 4 to 6 points Sirgio typically goes for 4 to 6 points

If you want to see how many points you have for Crystals, Plans, etc ... look here:

Hunt Scheduling

Info on NPC Hunt Notifications Info on NPC Hunt Voice Chat Channel (Discord) Info On How to Set Up Repeating Calendar Appointments


The hunts are scheduled at UTC 20+1 which is currently:

20:00 UTC+1 (Paris, CEST)
19:00 UTC
14:00 EST
13:00 CT
11:00 PST
07:00 UTC+13 (Aukland)

  • Use In Game App "World Clock" (/appzone 801) for "official times".
  • Use the World Clock app to "do the math" for your time zone.... or, on Windows at least, you can set the date / time icon to display UTC and your time zone at same time.
  • Use the Web Site to track dates, stock, (plans, dropped sets, points) and other information
  • Use the NPC Bosses In Game App. (/appzone 1976)
January 2021l Schedule:
Day - Date (Leader)
Friday, January 01 (FF) * Holiday
Thursday, January 07 (??)
Wednesday, January 13 (??)
Tuesday, January 19 (??)
Monday, January 25 (??)
Sunday, January 31 (??)
* Indicates cancelled from original date due to conflicts with OP wars or other events.

It's usually pretty easy to remember for example if the 1st hunt of the month is on the 3rd, the hunts will be on 6 day intervals (03, 09, 15, 21, 27). Also,,,, if the 1st is on Friday, next week it will be the day before ... so, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday ... etc.

If scheduling a player event, help yaself (will get more attendance) and show courtesy to others by scheduling outside the 2 hour event window.

Both those sources include much more information including Attendance Records, Strategies, Points Earned, Rewards Stock, etc,


Notification of Hunt start are made in Universe Chat starting about 30 minutes before start. You can also get messages via Discord app either in the app itself, or if you are not in the app, you can elect to forward a text message to your cell phone. The latter is responsible for most of my attendance as I tend to get involved in things and don't watch the clock. Send IG Mail or PM if ya want invite.


There's also a set of Discord Voice Channels (English, German, French) if folks want to use for NPC Hunts .. will create other languages if requested. Send IG Mail or PM if ya want want invite.


Request had been made to have the event listed on Event Calendar. This was a No Go.



I usually use the clock app for alarms but can also be done via Calendar:

Sample ...

1. Open Calendar app and hit +

2. Create new event:

Title: NPC Boss Hunt Location: Atys Starts: April 05, 2017 / 14:00 (That's EST, adjust for your time zone) Ends: April 05, 2017 / 16:00 Repeat: Custom Frequency: Daily Every: 6 days Alert: 15 Minutes before 2nd Alert: 5 minutes before

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