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Geographical Amber
Hidden Source
HiddenSource Map.jpg
Sub-Continent Verdant Heights
Region Level 150 - 200
Neutral Altar Kami and Karavan
Area 3.332 km²

Hidden Source is a desert region, situated around a large hole filled with water. It is the most western region of Verdant Heights. Hidden Source as the name implies is rich with many resources and this region indeed has one of the greatest populations of prospectors on Atys.

Fauna and Flora


Tylini Gate

A well travelled pass between greater Hidden Source and a large cove located to the northwest of the region. The cove itself leads to a desert portal. The camp of Sirgio the Wicked can usually also be found in this pass.

Little Mountain

Little Mountain is a large ramp leading up from Knoll of Dissent to Hidden Source. It is the only way to get into the region from the forest.

Virginia Falls

A large and magnificent waterfall, located in the heart of Hidden Source. It has served as a backdrop for countless weddings.


  • Berello Gorge Border Post
  • Little Mountain Stronghold
  • Little Mountain Workshop
  • Virginia Falls Diplomatic Outpost
  • Virginia Falls Magic Pole

Settling Groups

Bandit Camps


Notable NPCs

Rosirne Linia
Krimus Krinn
Miache Rosirello
Miaro Ciobi
Miache Rosirello
Krimus Krinn
Pecho Cuiri
Antoero Antorini
Cisse Rochini
Ioion Apocaps
Lyros Gacaps
Rosibre Giri
Rosirgia Nindi
Apon Boethus
Rosirgia Nini

Verdant Heights geography in detail:
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Home of the Matis
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