Siblings of the Weeds

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Amber: Tribes of Atys
Siblings of the Weeds
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Region Fleeting Garden
Race(s) Zoraï
Faction Kami
Notables Anonymous
Friends Everybody?
Enemies Nobody?

en:Siblings of the Weeds
fr:Frères des Plantes

The Siblings of the Weeds are a peaceful tribe of Zoraï operating out of Fleeting Garden. They are loyal to the Kami and maintain strong ties with the Zoraï nation, though they welcome homins of any race into their camp. Their strong connection to plantlife is exampled by the fact that they have psykopla and cratcha assisting in the defense of their camp. They share the region with their more aggressive brethren of the Sacred Sap, with whom they peacefully coexist.



  • Allies : Zoraï
  • Starting fame:
Fyros +16
Matis -16
Tryker +16
Zoraï +50

Tribe Members

Cai-Ci Fuangi, Tribe Chief of the Siblings of the Weeds


  • Tribe Chief : Cai-Ci Fuangi
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Shuai-Chon Fuo
  • Tribe Welcomer : Cai-Ci Liangi
  • Frontier Supplier : Fai-Cu Ge
  • Overseer : Sai-Ju Hen
  • Ambassador : Siblings of the Weeds Kami Ambassador
  • Strong Guards : 9
  • Psykopla Allies : 4
  • Cratcha Allies : 3
Anomaly Anomaly.
There is a group of 4 guards in the Siblings of the Weeds camp who act as though they are Sacred Sap guards, and will attack you if your fame with that tribe is too low.
An allied Cratcha helping the Siblings of the Weeds defend their camp

Wandering the region

  • Hunter : Qu-Bin Nao
  • Prospector : Pei-Jeng Tao


  • Scout : Sai-Ju Du
  • Journeyman : Vani Cuillo


  • Boots & Sleeves : Beige
  • Pants, Vest & Gloves : Green
  • Hair : Light Green (Zoraï)

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