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The portal of the tribes of Atys

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Tribes of the Burning Desert

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Tribes of the Forest

Ancient DryadsArid MatisDarkening SapEcowarriorsFirst DesertersGreen SeedMatisian Border GuardsOasis DiggersSacred SapSap SlavesSiblings of the WeedsSlash and BurnWoven Bridles

Tribes of the Lakes

BeachcombersCorsairsCuzansLagoon BrothersSilt SculptorsSlaversSmugglers

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Tribes of the Nexus

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Tribes of the Prime Roots

ChlorogoosCockroachesFirebrandsKeepersKitin GatherersNight TurnersPyromancers Root TappersSap Gleaners

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The tribes of Atys

During your wanderings, you will meet primitive and homine tribes. It's better to find out who you're dealing with before it's too late.

Due to the fragile balance of forces on Atys, enemies of today can become allies of tomorrow, and vice versa. There is no "black and white", the stereotype of the separation of powers, where the good and the bad never change sides and the geopolitical situation is more complex than it seems.

The development of the political, social and environmental situation on the Planet depends entirely on the interaction of the Inhabitants of this world.

Barbarians, outlaws, pilgrims, fanatics, Agents Kamic' and The Karavan, Mercenaries, Secret Societies of all kinds populate Atys.

However, homins can be classified:

According to their beliefs, in factions
by allegiance:
neutrals, among which
According to their nationality or residence, which often determines their behavior towards others, but does not make it an absolute rule
The Nations: (Fyros, Matis, Trykers and Zorai)
The tribes proper
The Bandits not to be confused with the tribes.
Isolated individuals, such as hermits.

Apart from the bandits, the homins are gaining fame from each of these groups, apart from those of the bandits who are systematically hostile towards all outsiders to their group. The different groups will react to the presence of homins nearby according to this tribe fame (cf: app "fametracker") which varies according to the missions and actions performed.

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Featured article


The Ancient Dryads are a mysterious, dangerous and fanatical tribe with members from all four homin races, worshipping the Kami and hiding away in the mazy Grove of Confusion. Not much is known about them as they react hostile to almost all outsiders, attacking anyone who comes too close to their camp except Zoraï who don't follow the Karavan. And they have a particular hatred for the groups that oppose their rule of Grove of Confusion; the nation of the Matis and the tribe of the Sap Slaves.

Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Gicha Ciri
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Iolaus Apocaps
  • Tribe Welcomer : Anissi Beldo
  • Frontier Supplier : Kytis Xaphaan
  • Master Overseer : Sai-Ju Vao
  • Guards : 19


  • Ambassador : Ancient Dryads Kami Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Hunter  : Mac'Doyghan Baksan
  • Prospector : Be'Laury Cadgan



  • Pants, Vest & Sleeves : Green
  • Boots & Gloves : Red
  • Hair : Auburn (Fyros), Auburn (Matis), Brown (Tryker), Dark Green (Zoraï)


The Ancient Dryads can be one of the hardest tribes to get fame with. For some help with this, see the article on Shuai-Nang Du.

Fyros -83
Matis -100
Tryker -66
Zoraï 0

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