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Water Breakers
Water Breakers camp.jpg
Sub-continent Burning Desert
Region Oflovak's Oasis
Race(s) Fyros, Matis
Faction Kami
Water Breakers chief Boeseus Xalon
Notables see § Tribe Members ᐌ
Friends Fyros
Enemies Trykers


These Fyros crafters are beyond compare furnishing the city of Pyr with high-quality products. The need for water, an essential element for their craft, has brought them to the oasis area. Conscious of being able to work in this refreshing environment, the Water Breakers work without respite to maintain their privilege, though the privilege is not without risk i.e. every creature in the desert goes to find water there and they are not always very friendly!
As they have very little leisure time they do not appreciate having to teach their techniques. However, they will pass on their knowledge if the apprentice is gifted or if he/she is prepared to do the dirty work. They will welcome most homins into their camp, Tryker should be cautious however, as for some reason the Water Breakers dislike them and consider them as thieves.

The tribe chief of the Water Breakers, Boeseus Xalon, is an Initiate. He is the one who has homins undertake the 'trial of Oflovak' as part of the rite Fyros Story 2, which tells the story of Oflovak Rydon, the famous Fyros traveller who discovered the road of Exodus between the Old Lands and the New Lands [1]. However, it is not known if there is any particular relation between Oflovak Rydon and the Water Breakers, other than that the Water Breakers happen to make their camp in the region that was named after Oflovak.

Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Boeseus Xalon
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Kriseus Boethus
  • Tribe Welcomer : Abykos Pelorus
  • Frontier Supplier
  • Overseer : Kytheus Xaphaan
  • Strong Guards : 10

There are also two Fyros in white at the campsite whose purpose is unknown: Dyrius Cegrips & Eurius Apocaps


  • Ambassador : Water Breakers Kami Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Frontier Supplier : Rogia Chiano
  • Hunter : Ibitis Xalon


  • Patroller : Apodix Abygrian
  • Journeyman  : Zenix Mekops, Barkgully Workshop


  • Boots, Pants & Vest : Beige
  • Sleeves & Gloves : Green
  • Hair : Blond (Fyros), Blond (Matis)


  • Fyros: Favorite clients 'allies).
  • Tryker: Thieves not very popular.
  • Matis: Occasional clients.
  • Zoraï: Rare clients.
  • Kami: Guardians of resources.\n
  • Karavan: They are the enemy of the Kamis, and are not to be trusted.
  • Peoples' default fame:
Fyros +50
Matis +16
Tryker -50
Zoraï 0

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  1. This route is now known as Oflovak's Road

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