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Frahar Hunters
Sub-continent Burning Desert
Region Frahar Towers
Race(s) Fyros
Faction Kami
Tirius Pelorus, Tribe Chief of the Frahar Hunters
Notables see § Tribe Members ᐌ
Friends Fyros


The Frahar Hunters are a hardy tribe of Fyros operating throughout the region of Frahar Towers. They are followers of the Kami and allies to the Fyros empire, though their hard lifestyle makes them generally unfriendly and only barely tolerant of the other homin races. Still, anyone is given shelter within their camp, and the Frahar Hunters also have manned guard towers throughout the region, helping to keep it safe.

It is interesting to note that the Frahar Hunters are one of the few tribes to station guards at other locations than their main camp. At various places scattered all over the Frahar Towers region one can find their guards posting in pairs of two at guard towers, and these guards will assist players against any nearby aggressive creatures just as camp guards would.

From "Fyros History, the New Beginning" :

2485 : Frahar Towers explored, named after frahars who live there.
It is likely that the Frahar Hunters were founded around that same time, possibly out of the first Fyros to explore the region. But it's not certain, all we know is that the Frahar Hunters were around by 2491.

Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Tirius Pelorus
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Lybus Deps
  • Tribe Welcomer : Xykos Ibiraan
  • Frontier Supplier : Pybus Cegrips
  • Overseer : Deuthus Apocaps
  • Powerful Guards : 19


  • Ambassador : Frahar Hunters Kami Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Hunter : Tirius Gacaps
  • Prospector : Eups Apocaps


  • Basilius Merlinus (Pyr, Northgate Road stables) is one of their friends.


  • Pants, Vest & Sleeves : Blue
  • Boots & Gloves : Red
  • Hair : Brown (Fyros)


  • Allies : Fyros
  • Peoples' default fame:
Fyros 0
Matis -33
Tryker -33
Zoraï -33

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