Frahar Towers

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Geographical Amber
Frahar Towers
Sub-Continent Burning Desert
Region Level 100 - 150
Neutral Altar Kami
Area 1.149 km²

Wandering NPC's

  • Hawker : Mi Ye-Ciang
  • Hawker : Ulymus Zessen
  • Hawker : Viccia Gini
  • Hunter : Deusse Xaphaan
  • Journeyman : Apola Boethus
  • Journeyman : Vani Frechini
  • Patroller : Cekos Lyseus
  • Prospector : Deuseus Xaphaan
  • Prospector : Xymus Mekops
  • Scout : Ba'Reiliam Breggie
  • Scout : Xymus Tindix
  • Welcomer : Frahar Towers Kami Welcomer
  • Welcomer : Frahar Towers Karavan Welcomer

Burning Desert
Home of the Fyros
Dunes of Exile Frahar Towers Imperial Dunes Oflovak's Oasis Outlaw Canyon Savage Dunes Sawdust Mines Scorched Corridor
Barkers Dune Riders Frahar Hunters Fraiders Lawless Leviers Renegades Scorchers Watchers Water Breakers

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