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Atys is the planet on which the game of Ryzom takes place.

Atys is a living planet that is growing all the time. It is composed of multiple layers: the crust being the ground level, and beneath that are the twisting passages of the Prime Roots that stretch below the surface, and below that are the core levels. Above the surface is a network of huge branches, the canopy that extends towards the sky gradually forming another layer that will eventually become the new surface of Atys.

The lands that are explored by homins are only a small portion of the surface of Atys, and a small portion of the Upper Prime Roots. No homin has ever set foot in the deeper levels of the Prime Roots, in the Core, or on the Canopies.

Nevertheless the known regions of the world have widely varying ecosystems already.


Main article: History
See also: The Chronicles of Atys

There are many legends about the origin of Atys and nobody is quite sure what the true story is. The Kami and the Karavan both have their own stories about how Atys came to be.


The sun shining over the surface of Atys remains stationary in the sky, becoming brighter by day and dimmer by night. Much speculation exists over what causes this behavior.

Two moons can be seen moving in the sky over Atys. One of them has a visible ring of debris, suggesting that in fact Atys is a moon of this planet, rather than the other way around.

The smaller moon. The ringed moon.

A nebula can also be seen moving across the Atysian sky. See Atystrology for the signs of the Atysian Zodiac.

The Ecosystem

Atys couches EN.jpg

Atys is a living planet that is growing all the time. It is composed of three layers: the Prime Roots that stretch across the surface, the crust being the ground level and a network of huge branches, the canopy that extends towards the sky forming another layer that is the new surface of Atys.

Each level has a different ecosystem that is unique to it.


Together with Silan, these continents make up the area of Atys known as the New Lands.


Since everything in the game takes place on Atys, it's far too much for one single article and most pieces of Atys have their own articles.

Known World

The current known world, also known as the New Lands, is only a small part of the entire planet Atys. The Old Lands from which the Homins fled during the Great Swarming are mainly mentioned in lore and only a few regions are accessible today. What the rest of the planet is like is anyone's guess.

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WitheringsAeden AqueousNexus MinorVerdant HeightsAbyss of IchorUnder SpringBurning DesertWastelandsLands of UmbraAtysmap.jpg

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