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Geographical Amber
Lands of Umbra
Umbra unlabelled.jpg
Region Level 100 - 200
Neutral Altar None
Area 8.291 km²

Lands of Umbra is an extremely elongated Prime Roots section consisting of four different regions in a straight line from north to south. All in all it has 4 tunnels connecting it to the surface, and it's directly connected to 3 of the 4 continents.

It has a tunnel leading to the Burning Desert in the far north, a tunnel leading to the Witherings in the far south-west, and a tunnel leading to Aeden Aqueous in the far south-east. Lastly, it has a tunnel halfway that leads to Nexus. Through Nexus and Abyss of Ichor, one can then eventually get to the fourth continent, Verdant Heights.

Because it connects all continents in this way, it's the most well-travelled section of the Prime Roots. It's also by far the safest, having no kitin patrols except one relatively weak one in Elusive Forest, and the normal predators only being between levels 100 and 200. The far north and far south regions can still be a little treacherous, but the middle regions are commonly used as practice grounds by starting Prime Root foragers.

The safety is somewhat offset however by the entire Lands of Umbra being an open PvP zone.

Fauna and Flora

The Fauna of Lands of Umbra varies per region.

Gate of Obscurity and Windy Gate are peacefully grazed by armas, bodocs, izams and lumpers. These herbivores are hunted by the local hornchers and zerx. The kitin ofcourse also make their home in the Prime Roots, and these regions are home to peaceful kipee and kizoar and less peaceful kipestas and kinchers.

Elusive Forest and Trench of Trials have thriving populations of bodocs, yelks and gubanis, which are preyed upon by large numbers of varinx and tyranchas. In addition to the kitin found in the other regions, these regions also house kibans, kirostas and kipuckas.

Forest of jubla can be found in all regions, as can bands of indigenous cutes.


From north to south:

Windy Gate

The most northern region, connected in the far north to the Burning Desert. It's probably the most abandoned region. Beginning Prime Root foragers tend to prefer Gate of Obscurity, which has fewer predators. And since there are easier routes into and out of the Burning Desert, only the occasional travel party comes through here.

Elusive Forest

Considered the main region of Lands of Umbra, and probably the most active. Because of it's relative lack of predators, it's widely preferred by both beginning and advanced Prime Root foragers. Even master Prime Root foragers still regularly visit this region because of the Supernodes at it's borders, which contain up to quality 250 supreme materials. And because the region is directly connected to Nexus, it's relatively easy for neutral players without PR-teleports to visit.

Gate of Obscurity

Another extremely elongated region, Gate of Obscurity is probably the easiest Prime Roots region on Atys. As such, it's popular amongst beginning Prime Root foragers.

Trench of Trials

The most southern region, connected to both the Witherings and Aeden Aqueous. This region isn't very popular with foragers, who tend to prefer Elusive Forest for it's sparser populations of predators. But because this region is the shortest route between the Witherings and Aeden Aqueous, it sees many travelling parties pass through.


Most landmarks will be in their respective region pages, but some are characteristic enough to leave their mark on the whole Lands of Umbra section.

Underwood Woe

The twisted tunnels of Underwood Woe in eastern Elusive Forest are home to a nest of kitin. Hundreds of elite Kinrey and Kidinak crawl through the tunnels, protecting the Kizarak and the precious larva. Over the decades many homin armies have attempted to siege this nest for various reasons. Only few have succeeded, and the kitin have always returned.

The Fallen Tree

A huge hollow fallen tree in Windy Gate. It's inside is a gigantic cave, and you'd hardly know you were inside a tree. The Fallen Tree is home to Cukoo.

The southern sap lake

In the south of Trench of Trials is an unnamed shallow lake of sap that travelling parties crossing the region tend to pass right by. Many homins who are used to these sap lakes having a few deep spots to hide in from predators have been unpleasantly surprised to find that this sap lake has none.

Settling Groups


Night Turners

Races: Fyros

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Windy Gate (map)


Races: Tryker

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Gate of Obscurity (map)

Kitin Gatherers

Races: All

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Elusive Forest (map)


Races: Fyros

Religion: Kami


Camp: Trench of Trials (map)

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