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Player versus player (PvP) is a style of gameplay that pits players against each other in a competition. The objective in PvP is to defeat the opposing team(s), which can be accomplished by one of several different means, depending on the format. It should be noted that PvP in Ryzom is primarily consensual and that there is no death penalty when killed by other players.

PvP Types

In Ryzom there exists 4 different types of PvP:


Consensual PvP between two players. The first one to die loses the duel. There are no rewards for this kind of PvP and it is used primarily for fun.

Guild and Team-based PvP

In Ryzom there are PvP zones, within these zones all players are flagged for PvP after 30 seconds of entering the zone. These areas are free for all (FFA) unless teamed or guilded. There are no direct rewards for this type of PvP.

Factional PvP

When a player has their fame with any Higher Power or Homin Race either above +25 or below -25, they get access to factional PvP through the use of a special flag. Players flagged in this way can be attacked by any other flagged players of any opposing faction. That is, they can attacked by anyone who has below -25 fame with a faction that they have above +25 fame with, or by anyone who has above +25 fame with a faction that they have below -25 fame with.

Description of this new factional PvP in the patch notes.

Outpost Battles

There are various Outpost scattered across Atys, guilds can declare war on these and take possession of them. The defending guild is notified of the impending attack and can try to rally other players to help them defend. When nearing attacked outposts a message will pop up and you will have to make your choice on whether you will attack, defend or stay neutral in the conflict. The rewards for this kind of PvP are primarily the outpost itself.

A list of the outposts and their current owners can be found here.

PvP zones

There exist various zones with forced PvP.

Combat arenas

  • Arena on Silan, starter area
  • Matis Arena, level 50


PvP tactics

PvP gear

PvP points

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