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Geographical Amber
Wastelands unlabelled.jpg
Region Level 200 - 250
Neutral Altar None
Area 5.873 km²

Wastelands is, as the name implies, probably the area most far from civilisation in all of known Atys. It is a Prime Roots section consisting of three regions in a roughly triangle shape. It's connected by tunnels to the Witherings to the west and to Nexus to the east.

Wastelands is commonly assumed to be a deeper section of the Prime Roots than all the other known sections. While the other Prime Roots sections have often been used as shortcuts from one continent to another, Wastelands is never really a viable route for such a journey, even with two tunnels connecting it to the surface. Thus the only reason to go down here is if your destination is the Prime Roots itself.

This isolation is part of the reason why it's such a wasteland. The other part is because all 3 regions are full of the most dangerous predators and kitin known on Atys.

Fauna and Flora

Wastelands is home to many dangerous predators. The venomous jugula, the nearly blind but acid-spitting tyrancha, and the fearsome near-invulnerable vorax all prey on the local herbivores. Only the most resilient herbivores even manage to survive here, like the toxic yelk and the powerful lumper, while the underground mektoub are simply too fast for any predator to catch.

All kinds of soldier and worker kitin also roam down here, and kitin patrols guard the regions against homin intruders.

Flora consists mostly of large jubla forests.


Forbidden Depths

This region takes up most of the south of the Wastelands. It's aptly named for being probably the most dangerous region of the three, though none of the regions are walks in the park. The further south you get, the tighter the packs of carnivores and kitin get, and the kitin lair at the far south end epitomizes "stay the hell out!"

Land of Continuity

This region takes up the entire western part of the Wastelands. It's aptly named for being the most unremarkable and probably the least dangerous of the three regions. But least dangerous is relative, it still has the same predators as the other regions, and the southern part in particular is watched by kitin patrols.

Sunken City

This region takes up the north-eastern part of the Wastelands. It's probably named after the huge lake and the many ruins found in it's northern half. This region is notably split in a southern and northern half, with the southern half being fairly open, while the northern half is probably the most isolated and abandoned part of Wastelands.


Most landmarks will be in their respective region pages, but some are characteristic enough to leave their mark on the whole Wastelands section.

Midway Point

This shallow lake in the very middle of the Wastelands is one the few places down here that's truly safe, even from kitin patrols. A friendly tribe camps on it's western shore, and there's an island in the middle of the lake full of Kamis. Speculation abounds that they're guarding a tunnel leading into the deeper sections of the Prime Roots.

Demon's Lap

The twisted tunnels of Demon's Lap in the far south are home to a nest of kitin. As if the elite Kinrey and Kidinak aren't usually dangerous enough, this particular nest is the only one to have the most powerful variants of them on Atys. And literally hundreds of them crawl through the tunnels, protecting the Kizarak and the precious larva.

Saplake Major

A large and deep lake of sap in Sunken City, it's remarkable for being the only actually deep lake known in the Prime Roots. Though it looks foreboding, as if a huge creature could come up from the depths at any time and swallow you whole, it's actually one the few places in Wastelands that's completely safe, as no dangerous creatures can swim.

The Crashed Spaceship(?)

Located in the middle of Forbidden Depths, this is probably the most mysterious object known on Atys. Eye-witnesses report that it looks like a long needle-shaped spaceship, crashed head-first into the ground, and that it bears some mysterious markings. It appears to be impossible to get inside.


  • Continuity Corner Diplomatic Outpost
  • Cursed Cavern Stronghold
  • Dragon Horns Workshop
  • Great Mushroom Wood Workshop
  • Grotto Walk Research Center
  • Hall of the Mountain Bane Stronghold
  • Haunted Gorge Farm
  • Ruins of Cryton Farm
  • Saplake Major Stronghold
  • Stockdell Workshop
  • Wings of Spite Farm

Settling Groups

Bandit Camps



Races: All

Religion: Kami


Camp: Land of Continuity (map)


Races: Tryker

Religion: Kami


Camp: Sunken City (map)


Races: Fyros

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Forbidden Depths (map)

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