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Geographical Amber
Under Spring
Underspring unlabelled.jpg
Region Level 200 - 250
Neutral Altar None
Area 1.728 km²

Under Spring is a Prime Roots region and, as it doesn't border any other Prime Roots regions, also a Prime Roots section all on it's own. It's connected by tunnels to the Burning Desert to the north and to the Witherings to the south.

It was the only connection between these two continents until a direct route was opened. This made travel between the desert and jungle much easier, as Under Spring is probably one of the most dangerous regions on Atys, holding some of the most fearsome predators. Since the alternative route was opened, the only people to come down here anymore have been foragers and hunters looking for rare materials.

Fauna and Flora

The Under Spring region is home to many dangerous predators. The venomous jugula, the nearly blind but acid-spitting tyrancha, and the fearsome near-invulnerable vorax all prey on the local herbivores. Only the most resilient herbivores even manage to survive here, like the toxic yelk and the powerful lumper, while the underground mektoub are simply too fast for any predator to catch.

All kinds of soldier and worker kitin also roam down here, and Kitin patrols guards the region against homin intruders.

Flora consists mostly of small jubla forests.

On top of this, Under Spring is home to several named and boss creatures:


Shooting Meadow

Furtive Waters

An area of shallow depressions in the ground filled with sap.

Ruins of Tryde

Sap Marsh

A large shallow lake of sap at the eastern end of the region.

The few deep spots here are the only places in Under Spring a homin can escape from pursuing kitin patrols or other predators and kitins too big for him to defeat.

Deadtree Hole

A cavern shaped like a huge hollow tree, home to Madakoo



  • Deadtree Stronghold
  • Shooting Meadow Border Post
  • Sap Marsh Trade Post

Settling Groups

Bandit Camps


Root Tappers

Races: Fyros, Tryker

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Under Spring (map)

Notable NPCs

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