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Sap Gleaners
Sub-continent Prime Roots
Region Abyss of Ichor
Race(s) Zoraï
Faction Kami
Do-Vi Gei, Tribe Chief of the Sap Gleaners
Notables see Tribe Members ᐌ
Enemies Fyros, Matis, Trykers


The Sap Gleaners are a dangerous tribe of Zoraï residing in the Prime Roots. Their camp is in the Abyss of Ichor, and they only tolerate fellow Zoraï as visitors, all other races are attacked on sight. The Sap Gleaners are also fervent worshippers of the Kami and don't take kindly to Karavan followers.

Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Do-Vi Gei
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Fai-Cu Du
  • Tribe Welcomer : Gai-Guan Luoi
  • Outlands Supplier : She-Jua Vang
  • Master Overseer : La-Viang Luoi
  • Master Guards : 6


  • Ambassador : Sap Gleaners Kami Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Hunter : Dai-Fan Mu
  • Prospector : Dai-Fan Len


  • Scout : Ba-Nung Liangi
  • Scout : Rosissi Pepi


  • Boots, Pants & Gloves : Green
  • Vest & Sleeves : Red
  • Hair : Blond (Zoraï)


  • People's Default Fame:
Fyros -66
Matis -66
Tryker -66
Zoraï -16

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