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Taxonomic Amber
Jubla in the Trench of Trials
Kingdom Plants
Category Intelligent root
Main Ecosystem(s) Primes
Counterattack type Blunt & Shockwave
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Leda, 2021-08-27)

Huge intelligent plant, elegantly shaped and up to 30 feet tall, the jubla presents, at mid-height, leafy branches that represent (according to the Matis) a form of photosynthesis. The reproductive organ is at the top of the radical of the plant where the flowers are distributed in brightly coloured toupees.

The jubla is a peaceful plant, but if it feels threatened, several orifices located about 3 feet above ground, around the bulbous base, project clouds of toxic pollen onto the assailant. This pollen is flammable and prone to spontaneous combustion when propelled into air. Fortunately, the moist atmosphere of the Prime Root does not favour this effect.

The jubla is actually the same family as the faneng of the Jungle. The upper part is the turion (the visible part) of a rhizome. The jubla, like many other intelligent plants, tends to gather in colonies which could be several shoots sharing a common rhizome[1].

Some legend exists telling of talking jublas. No one knows whether it is because of the wind rushing into the jublas groves or if, more disturbing, this legend has an element of truth.

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Fear and Acid.
  • Moderately resistant to Cold and Rot magic.
  • Partially resistant to Slash and Blunt damage.

Valued Resources

Jublas can be quartered for:


Exceptional Specimens


Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
224 Devastating Jubla
214 Prodigeous Jubla
205 Rapacious Jubla
195 Horrifying Jubla
178 Rattled Jubla
169 Prickly Jubla
159 Unpredictable Jubla
150 Vile Jubla
139 Noxious Jubla
129 Rooting Jubla
119 Stalking Jubla
109 Parched Jubla

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