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de:Urwurzeln Ökosystem
ru:Экоситема изначальных корней
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Landscape of the Prime Roots (Abyss of Ichor)

So is named the unique ecosystem of the depths of Atys, which can be found in the Prime Roots or, in Rangers' country, when entering the Kitins' Lair of Almati Wood.


Endemic Species


Amoeba, Bomton, Cocoa, Cokamool, Dziku, Fungao, Fyta, Jiang, Jibung, Lumindra, Ploomweed, Plumash, Plun, Rotoa[1], Soil of Prime Roots, Spone, Toopetz, Topha, Topil.


The Prime Roots are the refuge of the most singular fauna of Atys. The species have had to adapt to an ecosystem deprived of daylight and most of the species found there are also present on the bark surface but, paradoxically, they seem to be significantly more vigorous in this environment.

  • The Vorax, a particularly dangerous carnivore, seems to be the only species adapted only to Prime Roots.

  1. The Architect of the Living Bravichi Lenardi has acclimatized the Rotoa in the Forest. Despite this fact, this plant remains classified as an endemic species of Prime Roots.

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